Zero Hour Playlist: 1.1.21 (2020 faves, Pt. 1)

Week 1 of my annual look back at the music year that was - dig in - it was a great one despite it all! More favorites coming on next week's show, along with some sort of write-up, and a Spotify playlist.

Here's my previously announced top 5 for 2020:

1. Tyler Keith - The Last Drag (Black & Wyatt)

2. The Electric Mess - The Electric Mess V (Soundflat)

3. The Fleshtones - Face of the Screaming Werewolf (Yep Roc)

4. The Fox Sisters - Bust Out! (Dive)

5. Foxycontin - This Time You're on Your Own (Sister Raygun)

Ramma Lamma / Zero Hour theme / Self

The Fox Sisters / Listen to Your Sisters / Dive Records

The Courettes / Want You! Like a Cigarette / Damaged Goods Records

The Breadmakers / Goodtime Charlie / Soundflat Records

Tyler Keith / In the Parking Lot / Black & Wyatt Records, Inc

The Ribeye Brothers / Spaceage Caveman / MainMan Records

The Ghost Wolves / Let's Go to Mars / Dirty Water Records

Dexateens / Teenager / Cornelius Chapel Records

Frontier Dan and the Hickoids / Green Door / Saustex

Turnstyles / The Snake / Black and Wyatt Records

The Electric Mess / Before the World Blows Up / Soundflat

MFC Chicken / Who Gave What to Who? / Dirty Water Records

X Ray Cat Trio / The Fiji Mermaid / Trash Wax

Red Mass / To Fall From Grace (feat. King Khan) / Label Etiquette

Mean Motor Scooter / Zombie Cops / Dirty Water

Moron's Morons / Sidewalk Service / Slovenly

Space Raft / Please Be Kind / Dusty Medical Records

Beach Patrol / Battlestar Galactica / Beach Patrol

Primitive Broadcast Service / Chameleon / Self-released

Xposed 4heads / New Wave Apocalypse / Internal Combustion

Waxing Poetics / Workers Playtime / Clairevoyant Records

Ken Fox & Knock Yourself Out / Love is in the Grave / Rum Bar

The Lurkers / The Boys in the Corner / Damaged Goods Records

FoxyContin / Alive in Interesting Times / Sister Raygun Records

The Mal Thursday Quintet / Rotting / Chunk Archives

The Fleshtones / Alex Trebek / Yep Roc

The Breakup Society / Don't Let the Hipsters Catch You Crying / Onus Records

Spanking Charlene / Burn it Down / Rum Bar/Slacker

The No-Ones / (Going Back To) Stockholm Syndrome / Yep Roc Records

The Coffin Daggers / Ringo Mura Kara / Cleopatra Records

The Blind Owls / Something About That Girl / Red Room Records

The Goldstars / Casino Reale / Mordorlorff Music

James Godwin / Down to the Valley / Self-released

The Artakees / Big Hunt / Off label records

Roman and the Rosarys / Back for More / Soul Sale/Soundflat Records

The Gruesomes / Someone Told a Lie / KOTJ

Watts / Seventeen / Rum Bar

The Plastic Pals / Plastic Pal / Polythene Records

Sin City / Big City Streets / Dirty Water

The Claudettes / Bad Babe, Losin' Touch / Forty Below Records

Dramarama / Up to Here / Pasadena Records

Theatre Royal / A Marvellous Death / Vacilando 68 Recordings Medlar Records

Imperial Sound w/ Sally Timms / Love Is Real / Pravda

Rabies Babies / Rape is Rape, Even if the Rapist is in a Band That You Like / Damaged Goods Records

The Zemblas / I Say Yeah / Dangerhouse Skylab

Possessed By Paul James / Don't Tell Me / Independent

The Forty Nineteens / Tell Me / Big Stir Records

Don Bryant / Is It Over / Fat Possum

Teen Cobra / Girl of Mine / Hidden Volume Records

Rexxx / Animal / None

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