The Grovelers "Sicko"- Stop motion animated music video

Remember long, boring rides on the bus when you were in school?

No phones, no snacks, nothing to satiate the senses. Then suddenly, like a beacon of light, your friend would offer you a piece of gum, and things seemed ok for a little while?

Well, imagine our current situation is that bus ride, and Quixotronic is that friend.. And much like a piece of Fruit Stripe gum (colorful, snappy, and fun for about 2 minutes*), the brand new stop motion animated music video from Norton Video featuring the song "Sicko" from Milwaukee's own, The Grovelers could help to temporarily distract you from the utter weariness and discontentment of quarantine.

Two serial killers meet up for a blind date- each not knowing what pure evil their perspective mate is capable of. Will it be love at first FRIGHT? A match made in HELL? Dinner and a movie, OR dinner and a MURDER?? You complete me, OR you completely ATE ME? Nice to meet you, OR KNIFE to MEAT you?

In a sick band that needs a music video? Hit up Norton Video!

[* Editor’s note: insert your own sex joke here.]

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