Reckless Life: Mad at the World (part 8)

Updated: Feb 4, 2021


Ooooo. I've always wanted to do one of those "ENTER" dramatic openings. Dreams come true, kids. Here's this week's actually really important episode:


Page 21:

There are some really nice design choices on this page and I know for a fact that 2002 Tim didn't think through a single one and just lucked into them. The palm trees in the bar really nicely mirror Daniels' hair and the outline of his profile looks like the smoke coming off of his cigarette. I notice this now when I'm looking at it 20 years later but I know my process at that time wasn't that thoughtful. It was more "this looks cool, let's do it." Good job anyway, 2002 Tim.

One thing I know WAS intentional is making the lawyer really not like having to do this. The acting here is pretty decent and I like how fidgety she is. There's actually a reason for this.

Page 22:

It's important that the lawyer be super-mortified because I wanted to give Daniels the opportunity to show that he's sensitive to that and respond by being a polite professional with his opening lines. That's kind of his thing. Except he also does HORRIBLE things. It's that kind of back and forth that I always liked about him. It wasn't just me, either. Daniels was FAR and away the favorite supporting cast member and there was a growing call for him to get a solo adventure. I started writing that once upon a time and who knows? Maybe it'll see the light of day once we finish the reruns...

We'll be talking about Daniels a lot more as the stories move along, including how his design improves. That intro splash is SUPER stiff. (That reaction shot of the lawyer ain't great while we're at it)

One thing I'll say off the bat about this character is that Dylan Daniels is named for Reckless Life editor/father of my godson/college roommate/5th-grade pen pal, Dan Weltin. (Who likes Bob Dylan a lot -- so do I.) Dan had a huge impact on Reckless Life. Only one other person had a bigger role aside from myself. We'll find an opportunity to embarrass him another day.

I don't think it's a coincidence that this chapter ends on page 22. I think I initially intended M@W to be a two-issue mini-series and halfway through decided to just make it one graphic novel.


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