Reckless Life: Mad at the World (part 7)

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

In which I pull a Stephen King and insert myself into my own story.


Heh. You can tell Camran is douche bag because he has a tongue ring. 2002 Tim definitely felt guys with tongue rings were bro-y losers. Modern Tim, while a kinder and more tolerant sort, does not fully disagree. Sorry guys with tongue rings. You can also tell he sucks becasue he wants to sue everyone the second something doesn't go his way. I mean who would do THAT...

Camran's reaction is also meant for laughs here. He's definitely meant to be more pathetic than threatening as an antagonist.

And hey, IT ME!

Who better to play the police sketch artist than 2002 Tim and his shock of brown hair. Oh, you Adonis, 2002 Tim. It also gave me an opportunity to poke fun at my own character by way of the security guard.

In a rare moment of of future tech accuracy in this series I did nail the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I did not nail that anyone would want a printed anything.

So, as long as we're light on commentary this week and the action is about to really pick up next week, here's a fun fact:

Yes, Locke is named for the thief character of the same name from Final Fanatsy 6.

In my 20's I had all kinds of ways of talking around that as I found it embarrassing. Like I wasn't creative enough to come up with my own thing. In fact, when I was in the prime of The Glory Days and I had journalists interviewing me, one asked if Locke's name was taken from FF6 and I talked around it but that moment was one of the things that led to me wrapping up the series. I felt like I was exposed as a hack.

In retrospect (like many things I thought at that age) that was stupid. So I named my character after something I loved? Big deal. Hell, the title of the SERIES is a Guns n' Roses song. Moreover, I've become a fan of B-movies and horror since and those movies are constantly referencing each other and I love that. So here is my vindicating moment of proudly admitting that Locke from Reckless Life is named for Locke Cole from Final Fantasy and in fact I double-down on that in a way in the final chapter of Reckless Life but you'll just have to wait for that.

NEXT WEEK: The first appearance of a MAJOR character!

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