Reckless Life: Mad at the World (part 5)

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Locke is busted! Oh no!


Page 13

Locke's little tantrum might have cost him were this security guard not just straight-up horrible at his job. When I wrote this scene it just seemed like a somewhat funny way for Locke to get caught but in reading it back I'm choosing to believe that this poor couple is working three jobs each and this is the only possible time they could have a minute to be together. I did not write that way in 2002 so these are stock characters with no thought given to them instead. Oh 2002, Tim. So many missed opportunities.

I love the look the security guard gives her in panel 3. I can't say for certain but I assume I make that face and it psychosomatically worked its way onto the page.

Page 14

That couch is improbably far from the wall. Does Camran not believe in Feng shui?

Page 15

Okay, this page is somewhat important because it sets up that Locke is really not a good guy. He's willing to threaten the life of a totally innocent person at gunpoint to save his own ass. I felt it was important to undermine that whole "thief with the heart of gold" early on. Locke is kinda fun and this comic is mostly an action-comedy but I like to occasionally remind people that you should sometimes think twice about rooting for him.

Of course, he doesn't pull the trigger because I don't want to make him totally unlikeable but I tried to convey in the art that he was pretty scary to the security guard for a second there.

NEXT WEEK: Escape sequence! Woot! (Yes, I WILL have a thanksgiving day update!)

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