Reckless Life: Mad at the World (part 15)

Camran gets the one page scenes because he sucks.


Page 47:

Yes, it's another one-page scene and it's once again Camran's scene. That's because 2002 Tim wasn't interested in making him an actual "character" with an "inner-life." He's just the most basic asshole in your high school (as evidenced by his screen name) grown-up. The editor in me has academic issue with that but it doesn't really bother me in reality. This story was always intended to be about Locke and Daniels and Camran was just there to provide some grease for the wheels and comic relief.

As I mentioned last time there was a whole additional heist sequence in this story and I'm glad I cut it. Some readers may be frustrated and react "why did you cut the heist out of your heist comic?" The answer is this whole book is really more of a character piece hung on a heist premise and this is just the first time that I undercut genre expectations for a laugh. I like the way it plays. Especially after pages upon pages of action.

So, how did Locke and Daniels pull this off? Answer: Don't worry about it. That's also why I sometimes get creative about the heists focusing on action rather than craft. I'm not a master criminal (spoiler) and I often liked to let the reader use their imagination rather than rely on genre tropes (which I still did plenty of) and focus on the action or humor instead.

NEXT WEEK: The End! (Of this story. There's over 250 pages ahead!)

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