Reckless Life: Mad at the World (part 13)

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Run away! Run away!


Page 39:

I hope you guys like running because there's a lot of running in this story.

Locke of course doubles-down on his "you started it" from last week. I feel like 2002 Tim is JUST starting to figure the character out at this point and Locke's immaturity/naivety become a bigger part of what he's about as the series starts to find it's legs. (Which, if you ask me doesn't happen until the third major arc.)

I like in panel 3 that Locke has four speech balloons and Daniels has none. I will give 2002 Tim SOME credit in I know that contrast was intentional.

Oh. And what's this? Is a bromance forming?

Page 40:

I think a bromance IS forming!

Hey that guy is wearing a University of Wisconsin shirt! That's were I went to college. What a clever Easter egg, 2002 Tim!

They say write things you enjoy. A background character saying 'that guy's on crack" is something I enjoy. I hope you do too.

if you've ever been to Vegas you probably know the flyer slapper guys like the one in panel three. You probably also wanted to push one over as they step in front of you so enjoy this moment of wish fulfillment with me, won't you?

I'm not sure what's going on with Daniels in the last panel but he appears to be some kind of Cronenberg monster because his leg is clearly coming out of his stomach.

Page 41:

Some decent action art here 2002 Tim. You're gettin' it!

Also: Locke was making saying the same word over and over funny WAY before Andy Samberg, apparently.

Page 42:

Daniels' "see ya" is a little out of character but it's worth it to sell the gag. I'm not sure that I ever explicitly said it the series but Locke's hooker habit extends past the usual fair and he frequently pays ladies of the evening just to talk to him, which is super-sad and says a lot about him and I'm bummed I never got to that bit. Maybe in the New Reckless Adventures? (Coming someday probably.)

Page 43:

Missed a question mark in Daniels' speech bubble in panel three. I blame my copy editor.

The neon in panel two is for "MGD" which was a Miller product popular in the late 90's and early 2000's. I drank a lot of that in college. It's hard to find now (even here in Milwaukee) but I did recently find a bar (in Vegas of all places) that still carries it. SPOILER: it's not good. Poor taste, 2002 Tim.

When I was looking at this page for commentary I was about to give 2002 Tim a hard time for giving Daniels the wrong gun in panel four but OH-HO he still has Locke's gun from the previous scene! Way to adhere to your continuity, 2002 Tim, you sly fox!

NEXT WEEK: Team-up!

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