Dinner and a Robbery (Part 7)

Updated: May 13, 2021

Even Bonnie and Clyde couples just want to chill on the couch sometimes.


Page 25

Nothing says "challenge" to a comic book artist like having to draw two people sitting on a couch. Sweet Baby Yoda, do those two look stiff. And what's with all the weird lines all over said couch. Are those supposed to be drapery folds? Not your best work, 2003 Tim.

Speaking of bad ideas, those online banking panels are adjusted screenshots from my actual online bank account at the time. Obviously I doctored them and no, that's not a real account number but I'm not sure what's dumber, me using that or the idea that a master criminal would just have a regular checking account at a corner bank. Oh well. That's not what these pages are about anyways and those red lines around Paige in the last panel are cool. Some of RL's more design-y elements starting to emerge.

Page 26

OMG. Locke's face in panel's one and two. I love it so much. Going full cartoon eyes for panel one was a bold choice 2003 Tim but I dig it. It's an appropriate moment. And that kind of shy glee in panel two... perfect. This is what I love about Locke. he's supposed to be the action hero in his own story but he's got a LOT of feelings. Of course he covers them right up with his stock "mischief grin" in the last three panels but you can't fool me. Locke. Paige is asking if you want to get in on more capers but you're saying abso-freaking-lutely to more hugs!

Also: those last three panels are clearly one drawing duplicated in Photoshop. This book gets more and more digital as it goes. By the end some of the pages were just messy sketches before heading into the computer.

NEXT WEEK: Montage!

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