Dinner and a Robbery (Part 5)

Updated: May 13

No wonder Paige is always wearing a turtleneck. She lives in a cave.


Page 18

Okay, last time I said there was a pretty cool reason that I set this story in Seattle and it's for this "underground Seattle" setting for Paige's hideout. Not only did I think it was cool but I thought it was a nice parallel to Locke's Old Vegas hideout. This is of course attractive to Locke because (as my id) he's not the opposites attract sort and is looking for someone like him who might understand him. Also this is a real thing in Seattle.

The opening narration box on this page is yet ANOTHER Mallrats referecne becasue Paige drives a Mini Cooper. (Yes, I know it's supposed to be a VW in that case.)

Is this this the first ninja turtles joke in this comic? It can't be, right? Maybe it is. I've loved the turtles since I was a little kid and I still do. Donatello for life.

I'm not sure what is more adorable in the bottom sequence on this page; Locke trying to show off or Paige letting him.

Page 19

Cribs: Jewel Thief edition. Not the most exciting episode given Paige's fairly spartan existence but unlike Locke she probably doesn't live where she works.

In panel five Locke finally remembers he's in a heist book and not a rom-com. (Or are you, buddy?) Paige, is of course, ready.

Page 20

So another thing I said last time is that I don't really do 'talking heads' pages. I probably should have read ahead so I wouldn't have to immediately eat my words. Actually this page is an exception for a reason. I wanted to show that Locke was really a