Dinner and a Robbery (Part 13)

Things go down in this one.


Page 45

I've always liked that "get the door for the lady" one-liner. Buckle up because that's about it for the jokes for a second.

For some reason not only does DeBeers hoard oodles of diamonds but they leave the giant boxes storing loose diamonds open so that you, dear reader, can see all those diamonds without 2003 Tim having to spend a bunch of time drawing Paige opening strong boxes. That's no fun for either of us.

What is Paige waiting for? Why does Locke look so mean all the sudden? I hope you've been paying close attention to Locke's facial reactions for the last few updates because I haven't been calling them out in the commentaries!

Page 46

Oof. Not a great drawing of Paige in panel two. Good things things are going so sideways we don't have time to dwell on it.

What is even happening? Why is Locke double-crossing his dream girl? Is he that greedy? Did you think she was going to double-cross him? I mean this is a heist story. Somebody is gonna double-cross somebody.

Page 47

Art-wise this is far from the most technically proficient page in Reckless Life but it remains one of my favorites. The camera angle and the shadows closing around Paige make up for the less than stellar rendering and if the SLAM panel wasn't enough Locke ditches his comm and crushes it under foot. ICE COLD.

Page 48

Okay, I love this page too. Full-on feelings in the rain rom-com shot. Fun fact: this is the first time it's rained in this story and the whole thing has taken place in Seattle. Dramatic license!

Anyways: WTF is happening here? Now Locke is sad? Why? His plan worked, right? If I were you I'd tune in for next week's bonus size update and the conclusion of Dinner and a Robbery.


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