Dinner and a Robbery (Part 11)

Helloooooooooooooooooooooo, Nurse!


The pop culture references in this comic probably make it pretty easy to guess my age, huh?

Page 38

This is isn't really a thing I consciously did but much like in Mad at the World there's a big "we already did that" jump here. We've already seen Paige and Locke plan a job and once again, why waste time rehashing something we've already done when a simple "quite a bit of casing later" narration box will suffice?

If I were writing this story today would I immediately go to: "have the female lead pose as a stripper?" Probably not but 2003 Tim is CLEARLY having fun drawing Paige in the sexy nurse get up. The image of her leaning on the parking gate is pretty great and I'm choosing to apologize for it which is something I thought I'd be doing when I got to the commentaries on this page. A little cheesecake with your comics isn't gonna kill anyone so long as it's not TOO much and I don't feel like this is.

Page 39

There's some nice motion on this page even if the image of Locke sliding on the rope is a little questionable, anatomically. The grapple gun shot and speed lines do work together nicely.

I'm giving 2003 Tim an A+ for use of sound effects at the bottom of this page. Not only Click CLACK etc look nice but it's some nice story economy (Do we really need to see Locke pick another lock?) and is a little bit funny in it's cartoon-ish presentation too. great job, 2003 Tim!

Page 40

This security manger wasn't supposed to look like a Bush but he does look a bit like Dub-ya. Perhaps I subconsciously wanted to taser him? I know that's not how it looks when you get electrocuted but this more of that Looney Toons style physical comedy that I love so well.

I like his cheerful birthday balloon bouquet. nice touch, 2003 Tim.

Page 41

Wow. Is there not HR department in this building? Strippers can just wander in NBD? I guess we're going with it.

I'm pretty sure I heard the term "server closet" on 24 and just thought it sounded high tech.


2003 Tim is definitely phoning it in again now that Paige is back in her usual conservative outfit. This is easily the worst drawing of her in this sequence. What's going on with her jaw? Also that boot is magic I guess?

On the other hand, 2003 Tim was clearly in the mood to draw some computers in Illustrator. That's an unusual amount of detail for something that's boring to draw.

NEXT WEEK: Even more heisting!

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