Dinner and a Robbery (Part 10)

Updated: May 13, 2021

Reckless Life goes full WandaVision. (For one page.)


Page 36

I'm definitely doing a young married couple sitcom riff here. Yes, if you enjoy Mission Impossible AND Mad About You, Reckless Life is the comic book for you! I do like the bit where Locke is coming home with the groceries but it's all thieving gear. The "mwa" is sweet and again, I do so enjoy seeing my character happy. (Yes, I understand that I control his life.)

I can tell that 2003 Tim is better at body language than 2002 Tim. Paige actually looks like she's getting out of her chair to kiss Locke and that may sound like no big deal but when you're a comic book illustrator raised on fights and blow 'em up stuff the simple things are actually harder to draw just because you don't have as much practice.

Page 37

The BIG heist of this story is based on me misremembering something. In high school economics we learned about how Debeers fixes the price for the diamond market. Rather than refresh my memory on how that actually worked or you know, do some actual research, I went with this over the top notion that they were actually hoarding piles of diamonds. I'm pretty sure that's not true but that's what fiction is for! Anyways, it makes for kind of a fun heist gimmick so way to be lazy, 2003 Tim!

I like that Paige's "info guy" (WTF?) is concerned for her safety. In my brain I rationalized that as said info guy is into her and thought the job was too dangerous. Whether he thinks that she and Locke can pull it off together or he no longer cares because Paige is off the market is left for you to decide, dear reader.

That's all for this week because...

NEXT WEEK: The big heist!

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