Third Wheel: Issue 1, Part 3

Exposition central!


Issue 1, page 11

So, I got to all this work to establish a cool setting for my comic book, and then I set the most important arc in Minnesota. What the hell, 2005 Tim? We're getting closer to some NEW Reckless Life episodes and I promise they will take place in a crazy neon future Las Vegas almost exclusively.

Anyways: this is a nice page of Locke sneaking around and that shot of Daniels coming out of the shadows is really cool. Las Vegas Ninjas had competent action art but what really sets Third Wheel apart is how much style is applied to the art and this page is a good example.

Issue 1, page 12

Locke is getting smarter in his old age. Daniels tried to pull the LOST move of character inexplicably refusing to explain the plot. In LOST the other characters would just go along with it but Locke has had enough of that.

Also: "I can do noisy" still makes me smile.

Issue 1, page 13

This page was a pain in the ass to format for webtoons. They have pixel depth restrictions that Graphic Smash did not and I have to re-letter every page for the format. This page EASILY wins the race for Reckless Life page with the most words.

I like it though. This is a classic heist set-up and it requires a decent amount of exposition as 2005 Tim was no longer satisfied with phoning in his caper details. I'd much rather squeeze all of this into a few pages than have talking heads for days. (And do find space to squeeze in a few one-liners.)

Daniels ends the sequence echoing what the author (and I hope you) are thinking: "Enough talk! Let's get to the action!

NEXT TIME: We get to the action.

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