Playlist for 1.10.20: Baby, Yer the Best: 2010s (Part 1)

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

My original thought was to look back at Zero Hour's past decade for one week. As I started to put the show together, however, it became abundantly clear I would need at least two weeks to honor my favorites from the '10s. There were so many excellent bands and songs from the last decade, and it's been a total blast to revisit and listen to them again - even if it's been overwhelming at times with the memories they provoke. Thanks to everyone who has listened to the show and all the musicians who have brought me so much fun and joy. I look forward to many more years of Zero Hour and many more musical discoveries. Tune in for Pt. 2 next week, and I'll post a big 'ol, 2010s Spotify playlist then, too. Listen to Pt. 1 now and read the full post at The Zero Hour Blog

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