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Updated: Feb 21

So... it's been a month in wrestling, hasn't it?

While we didn't get around to previewing and fantasy booking AEW All Out 2021, we were able to screen the show in the Quixo offices and man was that a fun show. Miro and Eddie Kingston was a great match to start the show with, the surprise appearance of Minoru Suzuki, the cage match between the Lucha Brothers and the Young Bucks was easily a 5 star match, and the CM Punk and Christian both indeed still got it. Plus, the debut of Ruby Soho, Adam Cole, and Bryan Danielson? Holy shit guys, that was a show. Well worth using company funds to purchase.

And then the fact that this happened two weeks later?


Stunning. Everyone, get yourself TNT (or soon TBS) in some way and check it out.

Oh yeah, and then there's wrestling on USA and FOX. First, the good: Raw and NXT (2.0) now have excellent new champions! Bobby Lashley and Samoa Joe served their (varying lengths of) time as champions well, but it's great to see Big E finally getting the nod and Tommaso Ciampa finally getting to hold Goldie again.


With Big E back with the New Day, its easy to say hey, let's have the New Day feud! And really? I think it could be done since that would be one of the matches on my fourth and final Quixo-Fantasy WrestleMania 38 using the previous Quixo-WWE continuity of this roster. If I don't write it, essentially I would have had Big E drafted to Raw anyway (he didn't have the briefcase since he main evented WrestleMania 37 in our Quixo-timeline). Then, as has been done before, Kofi Kingston would shock defeat Lashley for the WWE World title the week before Survivor Series (as AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan did to Jinder Mahal and... oh, AJ Styles before) to have a Kofi/Roman match. After that, to make it different than his first run, Kofi would offer to let Xavier and Big defend the title under New Day rules, but that would cause the other two to start thinking maybe Kofi isn't respecting the title. Team titles are different, but this is the WWE World title. Woods and E both still do get a chance to defend on a Raw each, but its obvious they are uncomfortable about losing Kofi's title. So yadda yadda yadda, they end up in a three-way elimination match at WrestleMania 38. Woods pins Kofi first to eliminate the champion, and E pins Woods to win the title. Any disagreements are immediately forgiven and they party in the ring as they did in real life. Because in Quixo-WWE, the New Day's story is about family. Unlike the story of Roman Reigns and his Family. That's the tragedy to the New Day's comedy. But that, dear reader, is a tale for another time. And if I do write up the last piece, act surprised about the New Day match, right?

Let's check in with the results from the latest round of the all-new all-different Quixotronic Wrestling Shame Challenge!

Previously on Fanboy Wrestletronic…

Standings going into WWE SummerSlam 2021, NXT Takeover 36, and AEW All Out 2021 :

1st Place: Kyle 81.3% (26-6)

2nd Place: Tim 64.5% (20-11)

3rd Place: Ryan 48.4% (15-16)

4th Place: Andy 41.9% (13-18)

WWE SummerSlam 2021 results :

Baron Corbin vs Big E

Your Winner : Big E

Andy: n/a (0-0)

Kyle: n/a (0-0)

Ryan: n/a (0-0)

Tim: n/a (0-0)

WWE Raw Tag Team Titles Match : Matt Riddle & Randy Orton vs AJ Styles & Omos ©

Your Winners, and NEW WWE Raw Tag Team Champions : Matt Riddle & Randy Orton

Andy: AJ Styles & Omos (0-1)

Kyle: Matt Riddle & Randy Orton (1-0)

Ryan: Matt Riddle & Randy Orton (1-0)

Tim: Matt Riddle & Randy Orton (1-0)

Alexa Bliss vs Eva Marie

Your Winner : Alexa Bliss

Andy: Alexa Bliss (1-1)

Kyle: Alexa Bliss (2-0)

Ryan: Eva Marie (1-1)

Tim: Alexa Bliss (2-0)

WWE United States Title Match : Damian Priest vs Sheamus ©

Your Winner, and NEW WWE United States Champion : Damian Priest

Andy: Damian Priest (2-1)

Kyle: Damian Priest (3-0)

Ryan: Sheamus (1-2)

Tim: Damian Priest (3-0)

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Titles Match : Dominik & Rey Mysterio vs The Usos (Jey & Jimmy Uso) ©

Your Winners, and STILL WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions : The Usos

Andy: Los Mysterios (2-2)

Kyle: Los Mysterios (3-1)

Ryan: Usos (2-2)

Tim: Usos (4-0)

WWE Smackdown Women's Title Match : Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair ©

Your Winner, and NEW WWE Smackdown Women's Champion : Becky Lynch

Andy: n/a (2-2)

Kyle: n/a (3-1)

Ryan: n/a (2-2)

Tim: n/a (4-0)

Drew McIntyre vs Jinder Mahal

Your Winner : Drew McIntyre

Andy: Drew McIntyre (3-2)

Kyle: Jinder Mahal (3-2)

Ryan: Jinder Mahal (2-3)

Tim: Drew McIntyre (5-0)

WWE Raw Women's Title Match : Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley vs Nikki ASH ©

Your Winner, and NEW WWE Women's Champion : Charlotte Flair

Andy: Charlotte Flair (4-2)

Kyle: Nikki ASH (3-3)

Ryan: Rhea Ripley (2-4)

Tim: Charlotte Flair (6-0)

Edge vs Seth Rollins

Your Winner : Edge

Andy: Edge (5-2)

Kyle: Edge (4-3)

Ryan: Seth Rollins (2-5)

Tim: Edge (7-0)

WWE World Title Match : Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley ©

Your Winner, and STILL WWE World Champion : Bobby Lashley

Andy: Bobby Lashley (6-2)

Kyle: Bobby Lashley (5-3)

Ryan: Goldberg (2-6)

Tim: Bobby Lashley (8-0)

WWE Universal Title Match : John Cena vs Roman Reigns ©

Your Winner, and STILL WWE Universal Champion : Roman Reigns

Andy: John Cena (6-3)

Kyle: Roman Reigns (6-3)

Ryan: Roman Reigns (3-6)

Tim: Roman Reigns (9-0)

NXT Takeover 36 results :

Ridge Holland vs Trey Baxter

Your Winner : Ridge Holland

Andy: n/a (6-3)

Kyle: n/a (6-3)

Ryan: n/a (3-6)

Tim: n/a (9-0)

Million Dollar Title Match : Cameron Grimes vs LA Knight ©

Your Winner, and NEW Million Dollar Champion : Cameron Grimes

Andy: Cameron Grimes (7-3)

Kyle: Cameron Grimes (7-3)

Ryan: LA Knight (3-7)

Tim: LA Knight (9-1)

NXT Women's Title Match : Dakota Kai vs Raquel González ©

Your Winner, and STILL NXT Women's Champion : Raquel González

Andy: Dakota Kai (7-4)

Kyle: Dakota Kai (7-4)

Ryan: Raquel González (4-7)

Tim: Raquel González (10-1)

NXT UK Men's Title Match : Ilja Dragunov vs WALTER ©

Your Winner, and NEW NXT UK Men's Champion : Ilja Dragunov

Andy: Ilja Dragunov (8-4)

Kyle: Ilja Dragunov (8-4)

Ryan: WALTER (4-8)

Tim: Ilja Dragunov (11-1)

Best 2 Out of 3 Falls Match (standard match for first fall, street fight for second fall, cage match for third fall) : Adam Cole vs Kyle O'Reilly

Your Winner : Kyle O'Reilly

Andy: Adam Cole (8-5)

Kyle: Kyle O'Reilly (9-4)

Ryan: Kyle O'Reilly (5-8)

Tim: Kyle O'Reilly (12-1)

NXT Men's Title Match : Samoa Joe vs Karrion Kross ©

Your Winner, and NEW NXT Men's Champion : Samoa Joe

Andy: Karrion Kross (8-6)

Kyle: Samoa Joe (10-4)

Ryan: Samoa Joe (6-8)

Tim: Samoa Joe (13-1)

AEW All Out 2021 results :

Best Friends (Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy, & Wheeler Yuta) & Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) vs Hardy Family Office (Angélico, Isiah Kassidy, Jack Evans, Marq Quen, & Matt Hardy)

Your Winners : Best Friends & Jurassic Express

Andy: n/a (8-6)

Kyle: n/a (10-4)

Ryan: n/a (6-8)

Tim: n/a (13-1)

AEW TNT Title Match : Eddie Kingston vs Miro ©

Your Winner, and STILL AEW TNT Champion : Miro

Andy: n/a (8-6)

Kyle: Miro (11-4)

Ryan: Miro (7-8)

Tim: Miro (14-1)

Jon Moxley vs Satoshi Kojima

Your Winner : Jon Moxley

Andy: n/a (8-6)

Kyle: Jon Moxley (12-4)

Ryan: Jon Moxley (8-8)

Tim: Satoshi Kojima (14-2)

AEW Women's Title Match : Kris Statlander vs Dr. Britt Baker ©

Your Winner, and STILL AEW Women's Champion : Dr. Britt Baker

Andy: n/a (8-6)

Kyle: Dr. Britt Baker (13-4)

Ryan: The alien (8-9)

Tim: The alien (14-3)

AEW Tag Team Titles Cage Match : The Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) vs the Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) ©

Your Winners, and NEW AEW Tag Team Champions : The Lucha Brothers

Andy: n/a (8-6)

Kyle: Lucha Brother (14-4)

Ryan: Lucha Brother (9-9)

Tim: Lucha Brother (15-3)

Casino Battle Royal

Your Winner : Ruby Soho

Andy: n/a (8-6)

Kyle: Thunder Rosa (14-5)

Ryan: Thunder Rosa (9-10)

Tim: Thunder Rosa (15-4)

Chris Jericho vs MJF

Your Winner : Chris Jericho

Andy: n/a (8-6)

Kyle: Chris Jericho (15-5)

Ryan: Chris Jericho (10-10)

Tim: Chris Jericho (16-4)

CM Punk vs Darby Allin

Your Winner : CM Punk

Andy: n/a (8-6)

Kyle: Darby Allin (15-6)

Ryan: CM Punk (11-10)

Tim: Darby Allin (16-5)

Paul Wight vs QT Marshall

Your Winner : Paul Wight

Andy: n/a (8-6)

Kyle: n/a (15-6)

Ryan: n/a (11-10)

Tim: n/a (16-5)

AEW World Title Match : Christian Cage vs Kenny Omega ©

Your Winner, and STILL AEW World Champion : Kenny Omega

Andy: n/a (8-6)

Kyle: Kenny Omega (16-6)

Ryan: Christian Cage (11-11)

Tim: Christian Cage (16-6)


And now the conclusion…

New standings after WWE SummerSlam 2021, NXT Takeover 36, and AEW All Out 2021 :

1st Place: Kyle 77.8% (42-12)

2nd Place: Tim 67.9% (36-17)

3rd Place: Ryan 49.1% (26-27)

4th Place: Andy 46.7% (21-24)

Who will survive!?


If you want to watch WWE Extreme Rules 2021 live on Sunday, you’ll want to subscribe to Peacock. Until then, here’s your Quixotronic preview of the show.


WWE Extreme Rules 2021

Carmella vs Liv Morgan

The Background: After Becky Lynch's return and title win, both Carmella and Liv Morgan (along with Bianca Belair and Zelina Vega) faced off in a fatal four way match on the August 27th Smackdown to determine the new #1 contender - Belair went on to win by pinning Morgan. Flash forward to the September 17th Smackdown and Morgan (with Toni Storm) faced off against Carmella and Vega but won in under two minutes after Carmella took a turnbuckle to the face and then left the match for a count-out loss. Morgan actually wanted to do her job so challenged Carmella to a one-on-one match at Extreme Rules, but (at press time) under standard rules.

Fanboy Fantasy: Liv Morgan comes out alone while Carmella is accompanied by Zelina Vega. Morgan asks the referee to lower the steel cage that is above the ring to be lowered, but Commissioner Sonya Deville doesn’t allow it. As the match starts, Morgan has the advantage early but Vega is able to interfere and trip up Morgan while Carmella has the referee check the turnbuckle’s safety. Toni Storm appears to neutralize Vega and Morgan is able to regain control, hits the ObLIVion and gets the pin. On future Smackdown episodes Carmella and Vega enter a feud with both the former champions Natalya & Tamina after they mock them for losing the tag team titles and Shotzi Blackheart & Tegan Nox because they beat the former champions several times but somehow didn’t get title shots - let’s solidify a few teams for a while! Morgan makes her intentions known that she wants the WWE Smackdown Women’s title but is forced by Commissioner Sonya Deville to face Toni Storm in a best of seven series because, according to Deville, neither of them have enough wins yet to warrant a title match. But a best of seven series? That’ll add 4 wins… to one of them.

Quixotronic Bullpen Predictions:

Kyle: Liv Morgan - I'd like to see Morgan finally scratch her way up to a big show title match, and her underdog character would work well with Big Money Becky if she retains.

Andy: Liv Morgan

Ryan: Carmella

Tim: Liv Morgan

WWE United States Title Match : Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus vs Damian Priest ©

The Background: Damian Priest defeated Sheamus to win Raw's WWE United States title at WWE SummerSlam. Immediately after, Sheamus lost twice more to Priest: first in a tag team match on the August 23rd Raw when Priest and Drew McIntyre defeated Sheamus and Jinder Mahal, and then again on the August 30th Raw when Priest defeated Sheamus and McIntyre in a triple threat title defense. Don't worry, Sheamus turned it around on the September 6th Raw when he defeated McIntyre to become the new #1 contender to the WWE United States title. Against the man who led Raw for most of the #quixotine. Don't think too hard about that, at least there's history between them. Speaking of losing to the champion leading to good things, Priest defeated Jeff Hardy in a WWE United States title on the September 13th Raw, but because Sheamus attacked them after (not during) the match, Jeff Hardy defeated Sheamus on the September 20th Raw to not replace him in the match, but to join the match. At least there's history between Sheamus and Hardy.

Fanboy Fantasy: Some time on the pre-show, Sheamus challenges Priest to make it a Brass Knuckles on a Pole match, because a normal triple threat doesn’t sound extreme enough, fella. Sheamus goes for a double clothesline right away, but all it does is put Priest and Hardy onto the same page to start. Priest and Hardy are able to double Team Sheamus out of the ring, and Hardy quickly kicks out Priest legs and rolls over towards the pole. Hardy starts the climb but Priest is able to catch Hardy before he can reach the knuckles. Priest and Hardy exchange blows until Sheamus returns and tosses Priest out of the ring. Sheamus downs Hardy and tries to go for the pole. Hardy is able to scale Sheamus himself to get closer to the knuckles, but Sheamus falls backwards, slamming Hardy out of the ring. That means it’s time for Priest to return, obviously. Priest and Sheamus exchange blows and stopping each other from reaching the pole. Hardy rejoins and the three face off. The finale sees Priest in the corner under the pole and Sheamus whips Hardy into Priest, but Hardy is able to use his own momentum to jump on and above Priest to grab the knuckles, only to land directly into a Brogue Kick from Sheamus. Priest is able to grab the knuckles and punches Sheamus in the face, getting the win. Priest helps Hardy up and shakes his hand while Sheamus pouts on the outside.

Quixotronic Bullpen Predictions:

Kyle: Damian Priest - it's too early to take the belt off Priest, especially only to give it to former WWE World champions. Then again, I said that about Matt Riddle going into WrestleMania 37...

Andy: Sheamus

Ryan: Damian Priest

Tim: Jeff Hardy

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Titles Match : Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) vs Usos (Jey & Jimmy Uso) ©

The Background: The Usos brought the WWE Smackdown Tag Team titles home to the Bloodline by defeating the father-son team of Rey & Dominik Mysterio at WWE Money in the Bank and then retained in a rematch with the former champions at WWE SummerSlam. When the Bloodline all attacked Finn Bálor on the August 27th Smackdown after he challenged WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns, new challengers the Street Profits slid in for the save. The Street Profits made it official by "winning" two matches against the Usos: one contenders match by DQ on the September 3rd Smackdown, and then a formal title match also by DQ on the September 10th Smackdown. As of press time, this will be held under standard rules.

Fanboy Fantasy: The Street Profits come out with gear stylized like the Dudley Boyz, so as the Usos make their entrance the Profits get on the mic and challenge the Usos to an Extreme tables match. Before the Usos can decline, Paul Heyman appears behind them and accepts on their behalf. And so: we have tables. The teams go for a good 15 minutes while avoiding going into a table or two at several point - one includes Dawkins landing flat on a table that thankfully doesn’t break (it’s a shoot table?). Ford is able to kick the legs closed under the table to allow Dawkins to barrel roll down and into an Uso or two. At some point we get a pyramid of tables built on the outside the Usos are able to crash Ford though to win the match. On future Smackdown, the question becomes: why did Heyman agree to the tables match in the first place for the Usos? Does he stand with the Bloodline and Don Roman? Or is he still in Brock Lesnar’s pocket?

Quixotronic Bullpen Predictions:

Kyle: The Usos - I can see this going either way, but I'll give the edge to the Usos on this one. But I don't think this will be their last match. Because I watch/read about how WWE storytelling works.

Andy: The Usos

Ryan: The Street Profits

Tim: The Usos

WWE Universal Title Match : The Demon Finn Bálor vs Roman Reigns ©

The Background: Roman Reigns has been the WWE Universal champion for over a year now since defeating Braun Strowman and champion Bray Wyatt at WWE Payback 2020 in what clearly was a losers-leave-town match. As he marched closer to the one-year mark over the summer, Finn Bálor returned to the Smackdown brand after his excursion in NXT to challenge Don Roman on the July 23rd Smackdown. Don Roman was pleased with the challenge so they held a totally normal and legal contract signing on the July 30th Smackdown, confirming the WWE SummerSlam 2021 main event of Roman Reigns vs Finn Bálor John Cena. Bálor tried again and challenged Roman Reigns on the August 27th Smackdown, and Roman accepted since Cena (and Brock Lesnar) were nowhere around. Roman Reigns defeated Bálor on the September 3rd Smackdown, but Roman's post-match celebration was interrupted for a moment by the Demon's music. Roman Reigns accepted a final challenge for Extreme Rules on the September 10th Smackdown, allowing the Demon to return to the WWE Universe now that he presumably isn't locked in the Fiend's Firefly Funhouse as its first victim. #continuity. Most importantly, this match will not be under standard rules. This match will be held under... Extreme rules.


Fanboy Fantasy: Despite the fact that the champion should always come out last, Roman Reigns elects to come out first so he can see this Demon character come out to the ring with his own eyes. The Demon’s crawls his way to the ring and Roman is actually impressed. Excited? This may actually be a challenge. Once the bell rings, the two have a pretty even match other than Bálor being able to dodge anytime Roman goes for Superman Punch or Spear. They brawl to the outside and into the back hallways and we see various wrestlers scatter. At one point Balor is thrown into an area where Alexa Bliss has something over a tarp and the two lock eyes - Bliss/Fiend gets confused and asks “didn’t I kill you?” Bálor growls at her but Bliss/Fiend no sells it and prances away. The two brawl longer and start hitting finishers - Balor takes a spear and Superman Punch, Reigns takes a Coup de Gray dove off a production truck, but neither can get a pin. Finally, they brawl back to the ring when Lesnar appears from off screen and attacks— Bálor. Reigns is confused but allows it. F5 to Bálor, and Lesnar presents the body to Reigns. He goes for a pin while keeping his eyes on Lesnar, but the Demon kicks out. Lesnar is impressed! Lesnar picks him up and hits another F5, followed by a Superman Punch from Reigns into another F5 from Lesnar and a final spear from Reigns. Roman covers for the pin and the win. On future Smackdowns it’s revealed that Heyman brought in Lesnar to make sure Roman could defeat the Demon and so their big money match at WWE Crown Jewel will be for the WWE Universal title. This displeases Roman because now he didn’t get to defeat the Demon on his own. Finn Bálor goes the Professor Hulk route and starts wearing maybe a third of the paint on a regular basis so he can combine the best parts of the Prince and the best parts of the Demon. Plus, he is still there to remind Roman: no matter who comes out of Crown Jewel with the title, it still took both of them to get him down for only three seconds - and he still wants the championship.

Quixotronic Bullpen Predictions:

Kyle: Roman Reigns - I don't want want Roman to defeat the Demon so quickly because I'd prefer the Demon to be booked at the same power level as the Fiend. But I think WWE will be booking the Demon like they booked the Fiend... crap.

Andy: Roman Reigns

Ryan: Finn Bálor

Tim: Roman Reigns

WWE Raw Women's Title Match : Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte Flair ©

The Background: Charlotte Flair regained her WWE Raw Women's title at WWE Money in the Bank by defeating Rhea Ripley. Then, far too briefly, she lost the belt when Nikki ASH cashed in her Money-in-the-Bank briefcase to defeat Flair on the July 19th Raw. Don't worry, Flair beat the new champion the next week on the July 26th Raw and went on to regain her WWE Raw Women's title (again) at WWE SummerSlam making her a (I think) 14-time champion. After a brief... miscommunication? with Nia Jax on the August 30th Raw, Alexa Bliss and Lilly have set their sights on the champion, formally challenging Flair on the September 6th Raw. The two tried to gift Flair a new friend, Charly, but she didn't respond well and ripped its head off on the September 20th Raw. I wonder how Alexa Bliss felt about that...


Fanboy Fantasy: Bliss appears in the ring with the Halloween Havoc Spin the Wheel Make the Deal spinner with Charly’s body in the center. Lilly wants Charlotte to Make the Deal, so Alexa spins and we land on a Submission Match. Charlotte Flair finally comes down, grabs the wheel and starts beating Alexa with it while Bliss laughs and laughs. Once all the pieces are removed from the ring, the two have a surprisingly straight forward match with some submissions, but not as many as you’d think in a submission match. At several points Bliss tries to hypnotize Flair, but Flair keeps shrugging her off… but it takes a little longer each time. Bliss eventually throws the body of Charly at Flair, and when she catches it - the hypnosis works! Alexa moves her right arm, Charlotte mirrors it with her left. Alexa bends her leg back, Flair repeats. Alexa smiles wide and Flair starts contorting is visibly in pain. Her legs bend back and her back arches. The ref tries to check on her but Flair doesn’t seem to see him. However, Flair has been holding Charly this whole time - and then she drops her. The spell breaks and Flair regains her composure. The Fiend Alexa Bliss is not pleased. Flair tackles Bliss and pummels her and the two reverse each other a few times. Flair, while raging on the outside, finds Lilly and grabs the doll. Bliss switches from happy chaotic to bargaining. Flair has none of it and rips to dolls head off, throwing it into the crowd. Bliss is emotionally crushed and grabs Lilly’s body from Flair and stares at it. Flair kicks her down and applies the Figure Eight, but Bliss shows no emotion, she just stares at the doll body. The ref checks with Bliss while she’s in the move, but after Bliss doesn’t respond to the ref’s calls three times, the bell rings and Flair retains. But don’t worry, just as how the Fiend had several horcruxes for Bray Wyatt, so too does the Fiend have more for Alexa Bliss. The Fiend is not finished with Miss Bliss quite yet.

Quixotronic Bullpen Predictions:

Kyle: Charlotte Flair - I think we're going to close the gap between Charlotte's 14 reigns and Ric's "16" reigns sooner than later, but I don't think it'll start here. Though Bliss should be one of those that helps Charlotte get there by taking the title.

Andy: Charlotte Flair

Ryan: Charlotte Flair

Tim: Alexa Bliss

WWE Smackdown Women's Title Match : Bianca Belair vs Becky Lynch ©

The Background: Bianca Belair defeated Sasha Banks to win the WWE Smackdown Women's title in the night one main event of WWE WrestleMania 37, and it was the best. But then Belair found her big money challengers disappearing. Bayley, Belair's first major challenger, lost to Belair at both WWE WrestleMania Backlash 2021 and WWE Hell in a Cell 2021. They were to have a third match at WWE Money in the Bank, but Bayley was injured and pulled from the match. Sasha Banks was gone since losing the belt only to show up on the July 30th Smackdown to both team up with and immediately turn on Belair, only to disappear again for undisclosed reasons before their scheduled match at WWE SummerSlam 2021. But who did show up? The Man. The Man came around. Becky Lynch returned after a 14-ish month absence and having never actually lost her (Raw) Women's title that she held for 14-ish months. Because Becky Lynch is the Man. Belair was star-struck, Lynch was impressed with the champion, it was almost like the Belair/Banks start. But then it wasn't - Becky Lynch defeated Bianca Belair in 14-ish seconds to win the WWE Smackdown Women's title. It was not the best. Belair won a fatal four-way against Carmella, Liv Morgan, and Zelina Vega on the August 27th Smackdown when we really could have just given her a rematch clause to enact. However, on the September 3rd Smackdown, the Man Big Money Becks refused Bianca Belair's challenge to face off that night. Instead, they had a slightly more normal and legal contract signing on the September 10th Smackdown that saw Becky try to show up Belair by throwing the contract in her face only for Belair to catch that shit. Lynch gained the upperhand on the September 17th Smackdown by interrupting Mayor Kane's anti-mask rally and homecoming celebration for Belair in Knoxville by hitting her with the Man-Handle Slam.

Fanboy Fantasy: Once both Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch are in the ring, the cage lowers as it is obviously for the main event. Before in secures on the ring, Lynch rushes Belair and tries to swing Belair’s ponytail under the cage. Thankfully it doesn’t work - and now Bianca is starting the match pissed. Becky tried to hit a Man-Handle Slam to end it quick but Belair pushes Lynch off her so hard Lynch flies in the air for a second - Belair is strong enough to get her up there. The two exchange blows but neither can gain the advantage for long. Any time either goes for the cage door or tries to climb, the other is able to grab them right away. Belair is able to hit a KOD but Lynch kicks out. Lynch does the same with the Manhandle Slam but Belair kicks out. Ten more minutes to by and Lynch is able to hit the move again and Belair can’t kick out this time and Big Money Becks retains her title. Once the cage raises, Lynch locks in the Disarmher and Belair is screaming and flailing. The referee tries to pull Lynch off but she is able to kick him away. More referees come but they can’t get Lynch off Belair. Finally Liv Morgan runs from the back and drop kicks Lynch right in the face to get her to release the hold. Liv tries to whip Lynch to the ropes and preps for a press but Lynch is able to quickly slide to the outside. Lynch backs her way out as she smiles and wipes blood off her lip while Morgan helps Belair up. Lynch raises her championship in victory while pointing the blood in her hand at Morgan - she made her bleed. That didn’t work out for Nia Jax last time that happened. It’s not going to work out for Liv Morgan either when the Man comes for her. The Man is pleased.

Quixotronic Bullpen Predictions:

Kyle: Becky Lynch - Big Money Becks is just getting started.

Andy: Bianca Belair

Ryan: Bianca Belair

Tim: Becky Lynch


That's it for our WWE Extreme Rules 2021 preview and fantasy bookings. We'll be back later in October with... whatever WWE's next show is? We're not doing Crown Jewel. And then November will see WWE Survivor Series and AEW Full Gear - which we usually get around to previewing unlike All Out.

In the meantime, if you haven't already, please checkout parts 1, 2, and 3 of our version of WWE : Quixo-WrestleMania 37, Quixo-Great American Bash 2021, and Quixo-SummerSlam 2021! What's better than some fantasy booking? All fantasy booking.

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