Fanboy Wrestletronic: WWE Elimination Chamber 2021

Updated: Feb 20

It has now been a year since I've been writing Fanboy Wrestletronic - our first preview article was about last year's WWE Elimination Chamber 2020. If you check out the first post, you'll see a lot of what I've stuck with - backgrounds of each match including links to WWE's (and AEW's) results pages and fantasy booking of those matches. Obviously not too different from most other wrestling show previews out there, and that's the beauty of wrestling - the storytelling within it leads to fantasy booking because we all want the story to go somewhere. I hadn't roped fellow Quixo-writers Tim and Ryan into it yet in an attempt to have some friendly competition, and I originally was writing reviews of each show as well (here's my review of WWE Elimination Chamber 2020), but quickly decided I don't care about reviewing any of this - I just like fantasy booking and random wrestling stats. In terms of reviewing, it was usually "eh I liked it, they seemed like they tried, but they didn't hit the story beats I wanted." It's hard to repeat that for most matches on a card.

As a small celebration of our 1-year anniversary, every match preview is accompanied by a semi-sorta-related match from the archives - they're all from WWE/NXT/other promotions official YouTube pages so if you end up here in a few months, they should presumably still work. That's why I err on the side of using links directly to WWE/AEW - they hopefully won't disappear. Enjoy?

Last year's WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 was also the last in-person wrestling PPV show before the pandemic and when we all went into #quixotine - a joke (?) that has stuck around far longer than I expected and I'm sure is just as funny as it started. I will still use it on Twitter even if none of you cowards join me. And while this article is the 1-year anniversary of this series, the day of this year's show will be the 1-year anniversary of another event - the last live wrestling show the Quixo staff was able to attend in person: NXT Live at Turner Hall in Milwaukee, WI, on February 21, 2020.

Looking up the card, here's what we saw that night:

-NXT Tag Team Titles Match: Matt Riddle & Pete Dunne © defeated Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly

-Cameron Grimes defeated Rik Bugez

-Finn Bálor defeated KUSHIDA

-Bianca Belair defeated Kayden Carter

-Velveteen Dream defeated Roderick Strong

-NXT North American Title Match: Keith Lee © defeated Damian Priest and Dominik Dijakovic

-Mia Yim, Rhea Ripley, & Tegan Nox defeated Chelsea Green, Dakota Kai, and Raquel González

-NXT World Title Match: Adam Cole © defeated Milwaukee's own Tommaso Ciampa

Amazingly, and presumably due to the #quixotine (and that NXT is on USA now instead of just the WWE Network), the card wasn't too different than the NXT we get right now despite a few call-ups. Seeing the Undisputed Era/reDRagon in action live was a treat, especially against the stallions Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne pre-heel turn. Despite his loss and the fact that he's not a ficture on TV yet, Rik Bugez has been hilarious in every live show we've seen him in. Bálor/KUSHIDA was excellent, obviously, and Belair showed she could work with (at-the-time) unknown talent and carry a match even then. Dream/Strong was hard hitting as the two were feuding, and Lee/Priest/Dijakovic was a fun preview of their April 1st NXT title match that they were working the kinks out of at the time. Ripley/Yim/Nox was a power team we got far less of than we should have as they beat the newly-established Kai/González a year before they'd win the first women's Dusty Rhodes Classic. And finally you don't have an NXT show in Milwaukee anymore without giving us a Tommaso Ciampa main event. Ciampa closed the night for us by talking about how his first NXT match as an unsigned prospect was at Turner Hall a few years back and how proud he was to have that match in his home of Milwaukee. They're cheap pops, but goddamnit if I don't love the fact that despite him usually being a bad guy that he still gets to be a good guy when he's in town. Hopefully we'll be able to attend another NXT Live show soon with Ciampa because we still need to convince him to join the Quixo bowling team. We can dream, right?

In theory the next guarenteed live show we have is an eventual episode of AEW Dynamite - our tickets were originally set for April 2020, but the #quixotine put that off to October 2020 when we were all still hoping this was all going to blow over. As of now we have tickets to a July 2021 show which despite vaccines ramping up I'm guessing may still be a bit early. Again, we can dream, right? We'll get you the full report whenever it finally happens, and we'll also let you know what Ciampa's bowling handicap is once the league play starts back up.

We should probably add a little bit about this year's Elimination Chamber card before we close out our Maron, right? We have a small card this time with only 5 official matches, and even 1 of those matches may not go according to plan. Keith Lee is still penciled into the WWE United States title match, but he wasn't on the February 15th Raw nor did he compete in the Royal Rumble. Hopefully everyone is safe and well as its always sad when Lee isn't gracing us with his glory on television. Also on the card was supposed to be Lacey Evans vs Asuka for the WWE Raw Women's title, but it has since been revealed that Evans is pregnant (in real life) so cannot compete. Since she has been feuding with Charlotte Flair (but not Asuka?) and aligned herself with Charlotte's father, Ric Flair, it looks like Ric is probably the father (not in real life)! The whole thing is taking an Asuka match away from us, but it gives me an excuse to bring in some Moira Rose action, so at least we have that. Perhaps we'll get a Big E/Apollo Crews match, or a Hurt Business/Lucha House Party match. Or a random Asuka-murders-and-dances match? The possibilities are endless...ish.

Thanks, Moira. Never change. Let's check the standings for the Quixotronic's Wrestling Shame Challenge™.

Previously on Fanboy Wrestletronic…

Standings going into NXT Takeover Vengeance Day

First Place: Kyle 63% (88-52)

Second Place: Tim 57% (52-39)

Third Place: Ryan 31% (21-47)

WWE NXT Takeover Vengeance Day results:

Women's Dusty Rhodes Classic Final: Dakota Kai & Raquel González vs Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart

Your Winners: Dakota Kai & Raquel González

Kyle: Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart (0-1)

Ryan: n/a (0-1)

Tim: Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart (0-1)

NXT North American Title Match: KUSHIDA vs Johnny Gargano ©

Your Winners, and STILL NXT North American Champion: Johnny Gargano

Kyle: Johnny Gargano (1-1)

Ryan: KUSHIDA (0-2)

Tim: Johnny Gargano (1-1)

Men's Dusty Rhodes Classic Final: Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson) vs MSK (Nash Carter & Wes Lee)

Your Winners: MSK

Kyle: MSK (2-1)

Ryan: n/a (0-3)

Tim: MSK (2-1)

NXT Women's Title Match: Mercedes Martinez vs Toni Storm vs Io Shirai ©

Your Winners, and STILL NXT Women's Champion: Io Shirai

Kyle: Io Shirai (3-1)

Ryan: n/a (0-4)

Tim: Io Shirai (3-1)

NXT Title Match: Pete Dunne vs Finn Bálor ©

Your Winners, and STILL NXT Women's Champion: Finn Bálor

Kyle: Finn Bálor (4-1)

Ryan: Pete Dunne (0-5)

Tim: Pete Dunne (3-2)

And now the conclusion…

New standings after NXT Takeover Vengeance Day

First Place: Kyle (92-53)

Second Place: Tim (55-41)

Third Place: Ryan (21-52)

Who will survive!?

If you want to watch WWE Elimination Chamber live on Sunday, you’ll want to subscribe to the WWE Network (but soon Peacock). Until then, here’s your Quixotronic preview of the show.


WWE Elimination Chamber 2021

WWE United States Title Match: Keith Lee vs Matt Riddle vs Bobby Lashley ©

The Background: Matt Riddle has had his eye on Bobby Lashley's WWE United States title lately. At WWE Royal Rumble 2021, Riddle and Lashley both participated in the men's Rumble match - Riddle came in at #16 and stayed in for 31 minutes, 16 seconds. Lashley came in later at #22 and stayed in only for 4 minutes, 3 seconds, though eliminated 3 men in that time - Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, and The Hurricane (!). Lashley was then eliminated by a 4-man team-up of Big E, Christian (!!), Daniel Bryan... and Matt Riddle with his only elimination (Riddle was later eliminated by a returning Seth Rollins). On the February 1st Raw, Riddle won a US title match with Lashley via DQ when Lashley refused to break his Full Nelson hold on Riddle. However, on the February 8th Raw, Keith Lee returned and defeated Riddle in singles competition to set up a triple threat match here. Unfortunately Lee was not on the February 15th Raw that saw Riddle team with Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado of Lucha House Party to defeat the active members of the Hurt Business (Lashley along with WWE Raw Tag Team champions Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin). Hopefully Lee will return for the match on Sunday?

Fanboy Fantasy: Riddle and Lee team up on Lashley for the first few minutes though Lashley is able to power through most of what they give him. The alliance devolves after a miscommunication between the two lead to Riddle kicking Lee in the head. Lee, of course, takes this personally. Lashley is able to sneak out for a break while Riddle/Lee take over until Lee nearly pins Riddle and Lashley is forced to re-enter to break the pin. We get some actual three-way moves between them as all bets are off. Alexander and Benjamin start to try distracting both Lee and Riddle, but Lashley (and then MVP) actually tell them to stop and let the match happen. The finish sees Lashley spear Riddle into Lee, knocking Lee out of the ring and allowing Lashley to pin Riddle to retain. The next night on Raw, MVP makes Lashley's new intentions known - he will vacate the US title because no one can beat him and it is now holding him back. Freeing him up, he will officially be bringing the WWE World title home to the Hurt Business. A tournament for the vacant US title is set up with the final at WrestleMania 37 - featuring Riddle and Lee. Lashley goes onto have a dream cage match with Brock Lesnar like we booked in Quixo-WWE WrestleMania 37 before receiving the title shot that MVP has proclaimed.

Quixotronic Bullpen Predictions:

Kyle: Matt Riddle - I want to type "Keith Lee" but him missing both the go-home Raw and the Royal Rumble make me assume he's not pegged to win. Hopefully he can show up, take the pin from Riddle, and keep Lashley strong for a future World title shot while Lee and Riddle continue to fight over the US title. Fight forever?

Ryan: Keith Lee or Matt Riddle

Tim: Matt Riddle

BONUS MATCH from Beyond Wrestling (June 24, 2017):

Keith Lee vs Matt Riddle

WWE Women's Tag Team Titles Match: Bianca Belair & Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax & Shayna Baslzer ©

The Background: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler regained the WWE Women's Tag Team titles from WWE Raw Women's champion Asuka and Charlotte Flair at WWE Royal Rumble 2021. The next night on the February 1st Raw, Lana & Naomi defeated Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose and former champions Asuka & Flair in a triple threat match to win a future-titles shot. Which is not happening here? Even though Lana went on to defeat Nia Jax in a tables match* and Naomi defeated Baszler both on the February 8th Raw. Over on the February 5th Smackdown, women's Rumble winner Bianca Belair tried to hold a champion-reveal with WWE Smackdown Women's champion Sasha Banks only to be interrupted by Carmella and Reginald. The following week on the February 12th Smackdown Belair tried again, but was interrupted by Jax & Baszler who forgot they were already in another feud. This clearly led to a 6-person tag team match on the February 19th Smackdown that saw Bianca Belair, Sasha Banks, and Reginald (?) defeat Baszler, Jax, and Bayley when Reginald pinned Jax (??). I'm not sure if any of this is right, but Belair and Banks are getting a titles shot.

*During the match, Jax injured her hole.**

Fanboy Fantasy: Baszler and Belair start with Baszler doing her best to lock in the Kirifuda Clutch early, but Belair is able to escape right away. The two create some of their NXT magic for a while until each tag in their partners, and Banks goes right for Jax's weakspot - her hole. A couple swift kicks to the hole followed by a tag and a hair whip to the hole sends Jax crying to the outside to regroup. With the hole-spots out of the way, the magic continues with Jax/Baszler showing why they're the champs and work like a well oiled machines. The finish sees Jax brawl with Banks on the outside while Baszler finally locks in the Kirifuda Clutch and Belair passes out for the loss. She doesn't tap, but passes out. Baszler and Jax go on to lose their titles to Dakota Kai & Raquel González on NXT, while Bayley inserts herself into the Banks/Belair mix with a new segment of "Ding, Dong, Hello!" where she tries to turn the two on each other. It doesn't fully work... right away. However Bayley is able to earn a title match with Banks at Fastlane where she gets a DQ win after Belair accidentally interfers, thus inserting Bayley into the Banks/Belair WrestleMania match. Belair pins Banks at WrestleMania for the title, giving Bayley even more fuel to take another title shot since she wasn't the one pinned.

Quixotronic Bullpen Predictions:

Kyle: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler - I think the titles are going to women's Dusty Rhodes Classic winners Dakota Kai & Raquel González for a nice long NXT tour, so no reason to give them to Belair & Banks for a hot minute.

Ryan: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

Tim: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

BONUS MATCH from NXT Takeover Portland (February 16, 2020):

NXT Women's Title Match: Bianca Belair vs Rhea Ripley ©

Smackdown Men's Elimination Chamber Match for a WWE Universal title match against champion Roman Reigns: Baron Corbin vs Cesaro vs Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso vs Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn

The Background: Four of these six men competed in the men's Rumble match at WWE Royal Rumble 2021 - Sami Zayn came in at #3, lasting for 13 minutes 4 seconds, until he was eliminated by Big E (he had no eliminations). Next was Daniel Bryan at #17 who stayed in for 28 minutes 50 seconds and was involved in the 4-man team-up to eliminated Bobby Lashley, though was eliminated by Seth Rollins. Baron Corbin came in at #19, stayed in for a puny 3 minutes 34 seconds, though was able to eliminate both Otis and Shinsuke Nakamura until being eliminated by Dominik Mysterio(?). Cesaro came in a #28 for 4 minutes 10 seconds, had 0 eliminations, and was eliminated by Raw's Braun Strowman. This is all a strong case for at least Seth Rollins, Dominik Mysterio(??), and Big E all getting subbed into this match. Jey Uso did not compete in the men's Rumble, and Owens lost his WWE Universal title match with champion Roman Reigns. February 5th Smackdown gave us an amazing Cesaro win over Daniel Bryan - he won not just the match, but yet again our hearts and Bryan's respect. Adam Pearce announced on the February 12th Smackdown that Smackdown would host a men's Elimination Chamber match - the contestants were determined via tag team matches (Baron Corbin & Sami Zayn defeated Dominik & Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan & Cesaro defeated Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode) along with simply allowing Jey Uso & Kevin Owens entry. The six men competed in a 6-man tag team match on the February 19th Smackdown that saw Bryan (teaming with Cesaro & Owens) tap out Zayn (teaming with Corbin & Uso) for the win. Everyone hit eachother with their finishers until Edge entered the ring to spear Jey Uso only to eat a spear from Roman Reigns right after.

Fanboy Fantasy: Daniel Bryan and Cesaro start the match, giving us a replay of their recent Smackdown match. Sami Zayn is soon in at #3 to spoil and surprisingly is able to stay ahead of the combined might of Bryan and Cesaro. Baron Corbin is out at #4 to even the face/heel odds and the match nearly becomes a tag team affair. Kevin Owens enters at #5 and gives Stunners all around and is able to eliminate Zayn. Before he leave, Zayn hits Owens with a Helluva Kick just as Jey Uso is out at #6 (the announcers reason that it may have been Don Roman's influence giving Uso the advantage). With Owens out of it after Zayn's attack, Corbin attacks and hits Owens with an End of Days to eliminate him. Similar to Zayn's post-elimination attack, Owens hits Corbin with another Stunner, hits Bryan with a Stunner, and then rolls Bryan ontop of Corbin to eliminate Corbin. Owens hits a Stunner on Cesaro and Uso on his way out but isn't able to roll anyone else into a pin. After a break, we still have Cesaro, Uso, and Bryan. Uso does his best but falls to Daniel Bryan, giving us an extra five minutes of Bryan/Cesaro goodness before Cesaro repeats their Smackdown match with another win. Bryan is clearly more pissed about this loss than last time, but fist-bumps Cesaro yet again. Bryan puts Cesaro over to the crowd (at home and on screens) until Don Roman's music hits as the Chamber raises. The title match was supposed to be "later in the night" - but Don Roman wants his match now.

Quixotronic Bullpen Predictions:

Kyle: Daniel Bryan - we seem like we're heading for Edge/Roman at WrestleMania, meaning Bryan is not in the title match. I think WWE will "correct" this by giving us a Bryan/Roman match here.

Ryan: Kevin Owens

Tim: Jey Uso

BONUS MATCH from NXT (August 21, 2013):

Best 2 Out of 3 Falls Match: Antonio Cesaro vs Sami Zayn

WWE Universal Title Match: [winner of Smackdown Elimination Chamber] vs Roman Reigns ©

The Background: Roman Reigns retained his WWE Universal title over Kevin Owens in a Falls Count Anywhere match at WWE Royal Rumble 2021, while Edge returned to action in the men's Rumble match, entered at #1, and won the whole damn thing after eliminating #2 entrant Randy Orton. Edge did the tour of shows - he confronted Drew McIntyre on the February 1st Raw only for Sheamus to spoil the fun by turning on McIntyre, he confronted both NXT champion Finn Bálor and challenger Pete Dunne on the February 3rd NXT only to stroke the tensions between the two men. By the February 5th Smackdown, Don Roman knew what was coming and called out Edge himself, informing the Rumble winner that there is only one clear choice, and that is the Tribal Chief. When Adam Pearce tried to announce an Elimination Chamber match on the February 12th Smackdown, he meant for Roman to defend Smackdown's top prize in the match, but Roman and his advisor Paul Heyman had different plans - his contract said he had to defend his title at Elimination Chamber, not in the Elimination Chamber, so it would be his pleasure to grant the winner of said Chamber match with a title match after. Don Roman is pleased.

Fanboy Fantasy: Bryan puts Cesaro over to the crowd (at home and on screens) until Don Roman's music hits as the Chamber raises. Bryan slide out and tries to reason with Roman and Heyman that the match is supposed to be later. Jey Uso returns and superkicks Bryan while Roman slides into the ring and Heyman asks the referee to start the match. Cesaro is ready for Roman and dodges a quick Spear and goes on the offensive. Cesaro is able to get in a few minutes of offense until Roman decides he's done playing and comes back with a Superman Punch followed by a successful Spear for the win. The announcers do their best to put over that Cesaro had just worked an entire Elimination Chamber match from start to finish and was caught off guard by the quick start. Due to factors outside of Roman's control (booo!), Edge picks a different champion for WrestleMania, so Roman must find a new victim - and he does in both Cesaro and Daniel Bryan. The two are forced to face off yet again at Fastlane with the winner facing Roman at WrestleMania - which Daniel Bryan finally picks up a win from Cesaro. Yet another fist-bump of respect, and we get Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 37.

Quixotronic Bullpen Predictions:

Kyle: Roman Reigns - Don Roman can/will never lose.

Ryan: Kevin Owens

Tim: Roman Reigns

BONUS MATCH from WWE Payback (May 1, 2016):

WWE World Heavyweight Title No DQ Match: AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns ©

WWE World Title Raw Men's Elimination Chamber Match: AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy vs Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre ©

The Background: Drew McIntyre did what Kevin Owens and Bray "The Fiend" Wyatt could not do somehow - he successfully defended his WWE World title against Goldberg at WWE Royal Rumble 2021. In the men's Rumble match, Randy Orton was #2 and was technically in for 58 minutes 30 seconds, but he was "injured" early and was helped away by local medical professionals only to return at the end to be eliminated by winner Edge. Jeff Hardy was #5, in for 3 minutes 25 seconds, had 0 eliminations, and was eliminated by Dolph Ziggler. AJ Styles came in at #25 for 10 minutes 27 seconds, also had 0 eliminations and was eliminated by Braun Strowman. Sheamus scored #27 and was in for 5 minutes 56 minutes, had 0 eliminations, and was eliminated by Braun Strowman. Kofi Kingston was not in the match. All this is to say that Braun Strowman should probably be in this match. As mentioned above, McIntyre's best friend for the last few months, Sheamus, turned on him on the February 1st Raw after Edge confronted the champion as a potential WrestleMania challenger. The next week on the February 8th Raw, instead of Adam Pearce announcing an obvious Sheamus/McIntyre title match that both wanted, Shane McMahon showed up and booked an all-former-champions Elimination Chamber match to include AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, the Miz, Randy Orton, Sheamus, and champion Drew McIntyre who doesn't have Paul Heyman as his advisor. Elsewhere on the show, the New Day gained some revenge in the current feud with Retribution. Though booked in the match, The Miz pulled out of the match on the February 15th Raw because he still has the Money-in-the-Bank briefcase so doesn't need to put his body on the line. The idea was for John Morrison to sub in for him but Kofi Kingston challenged the Miz to a match and defeating him, giving Kingston the spot in the match on the Road to KofiMania II. Later than night he competed with the other participants in a gauntlet match to determine who gets to enter in the #6 spot - Sheamus pinned McIntyre to earn the spot after McIntyre rolled through all but Kofi in the match.

Fanboy Fantasy: Earlier in the show, Jeff Hardy is found beaten up in the back and unable to compete. Adam Pearce immedietly confronts Sheamus and Elias, but both plead ignorance. Throughout the night we get moments of Pearce investigating who attacked Hardy. John Morrison offers to take his place, but Pearce denies it after having already lost the opportunity on the last Raw. Alexa Bliss offers Bray Wyatt for the match, but Pearce asks "but Bray is dead... isn't he?" to which Alexa laughs and skips away. Mustafa Ali offers his services and since the match is at this point next, Pearce allows it - but he has to start at #1 since he's not a former champion. Ali starts the match with exactly who he wants to start with: Kofi Kingston, because guys, spoilers and all but Retribution destroyed Jeff Hardy so Mustafa could enter the match. Kingston entered the 2019 Elimination Chamber because Ali went out with an injury, and now it was Ali's turn - except he wants to eliminate Kofi in the match, not outside it. The two are evenly matched until AJ Styles enters at #3 and briefly teams up with Ali against Kofi before quickly turning on Ali as well. The three fight long enough for the WWE World champion Drew McIntyre to come out at #4 to even the odds. McIntyre pairs up with Styles, his most recent opponent from December's TLC show while Mustafa Ali is able to hit a 450 splash on Kofi off of one of the pods for the elimination. Ali explodes with glee as Kofi is helped out of the Chamber while Randy Orton enters at #5. Since Ali is distracted while waving to Kofi, Orton hits Ali with an RKO and McIntyre hits a Claymore and rolls up for the pin to eliminate Ali. Sheamus enters at #6 and immedietly goes for McIntyre, leaving Styles and Orton together. Orton is able to knock Styles down and gears up by listening to The Voices in His Head™ but the ThunderDome screens start to glitch as the Fiend causes a distraction - AJ is able to recover and hit a Phenomenal Forearm to eliminate Orton. With McIntyre and Sheamus content on beating each other, Styles takes a breather. McIntyre is able to hit the Claymore and eliminate Sheamus, but AJ jumps right back into the match and tries to roll him up with a small package for a 2.7 count. McIntyre comes back and the two go for ten whole minutes before AJ is able to gimmick McIntyre into a Styles Clash from the top of the pod to score the 1-2-3 and the title. On the next Raw, Edge confronts new WWE World Champion AJ Styles and admits that while he likes Drew, something deep inside him wanted Styles to win, because that makes his choice easy - he wants AJ Styles. He's heard about Christian's dealings with AJ back in TNA (yes, we actually say it) and Christian always had nothing but respectful words to say about Styles... in the ring, at least. Out of this we get a quick one-and-done Christian vs AJ Styles match at Fastlane so we can have one of their matches on the books with WWE (and really just because I want it), and then we get Edge vs Styles for the WWE World title at WrestleMania 37. Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus stays on the card, just not for the title anymore, as well as Randy Orton/Bray Wyatt and Mustafa Ali/Kofi Kingston, or New Day vs Retribution but I want a singles match over that since it's so personal between the two. Edge defeats Styles for the title at WrestleMania 37 and has a brief return tour with defenses against Styles, McIntyre, Christian (because I don't think we ever got a World title match between the two?), Kofi, Ali, Riddle, and Lee until MVP presents Edge with a formal challenge from Bobby Lashley when Edge finally falls. Business will be booming.

Quixotronic Bullpen Predictions:

Kyle: Drew McIntyre - despite my fantasy booking above, McIntyre really is the Yin to Roman's Yang for me and I don't want either one to really ever lose? Until Roman finally decides he wants both titles that is.

Ryan: Drew McIntyre

Tim: Drew McIntyre

BONUS MATCH from WWE Elimination Chamber (February 17, 2019):

WWE World Title Elimination Chamber Match: AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy vs Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton vs Samoa Joe vs Daniel Bryan ©


That’s it for our WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 preview and fantasy booking. We’ll be back in two weeks with a preview/booking of AEW Revolution 2021. Will we be more consistent in covering AEW this year? Despite what you may have heard, we'll try.

In the meantime, if you haven't already, please checkout the our version of WWE, first in Quixo-WWE WrestleMania 37 and next in Quixo-Great American Bash 2021! What's better than some fantasy booking? All fantasy booking.

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**Here is Nia Jax injuring her hole:

#myhole #DonRomanispleased #quixotine

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