Fanboy Wrestletronic Review: NXT Takeover & WWE Backlash Double Header Extravaganza

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

We’re finally back with reviews for both NXT Takeover In Your House and WWE Backlash, the latest two super shows from WWE. Overall the two shows were both middle of the road - enjoyable, but nothing spectacular. Well worth the wait for the review(s).

If you want to see the replay, you’ll want to subscribe to the WWE Network. Until then, here’s your Quixotronic review of the show(s).


Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai, & Raquel Gonzalez vs Mia Yim, Shotzi Blackheart, & Tegan Nox

Previously on Fanboy Wrestletronic: I’d like to see Tegan get a definitive pin on Kai here. LeRae and Yim are still fresh in their feud so they can fight to the back to clear space for Nox and Kai.

And now the conclusion: Shotzi won life by coming out in a little tank, and Tegan Nox continued her Captain Marvel-themed gear in Takeover’s first Quixo-sponsored “Who are they wearing!?” outfit of the evening. The heels spent a good amount of the match working Shotzi in the Ricky Morton role but Tegan Nox was able to get final (?) revenge by pinning Dakota Kai.

This was a fun match and even though it was in a multi-person match, maybe this is the end of the Dakota/Tegan feud? Candice and Yim can continue murdering each other on their respective ways to a title shot that will hopefully one day be around their waists. Though (spoilers) that may take a while.

Your Winners: Mia Yim, Shotzi Blackheart, Tegan Nox

Quixotronic Prediction Score: Kyle (Team Candice, 0-1); Tim (Team Shotzi, 1-0)


Damian Priest vs Finn Balor

Previously on Fanboy Wrestletronic: Post-match I’d have Priest attack with his nightstick only for Bálor to morph into the Demon, grab the nightstick, and stab Priest in the chest Buffy-style. Priest turns to dust and the Demon teleports away. Priest of course will show up just fine on next week’s NXT, not even showing up on the injury report.

And now the conclusion: Priest got some good offense in, Balor ran around like a maniac, but the big spot was Balor kicking Priest to the outside onto the steps. It looked and sounded brutal. Balor, after practically crippling Priest, was able to get the pin.

This was a fun match and I’m glad Priest got to look good before he was murdered. Hopefully he’ll get that big win soon since so far all of his big money matches have resulted in losses. The best thing post-match was the retro ICOPro commercial with Adam Cole in the Lex Luger role. Or maybe it was just Lex Luger’s arm tattooed to look like Cole - they’re about the same size.

Your Winner: Finn Balor

Quixotronic Prediction Score: Kyle (Finn Balor, 1-1); Tim (Finn Balor, 2-0)


NXT North American Title Match: Johnny Gargano vs Keith Lee ©

Previously on Fanboy Wrestletronic: Keith Lee is easily a future NXT Champion (as well as a future WWE World/Universal Champion) and I don’t see Johnny Wrestling being able to stop the Limitless One at this point.

And now the conclusion: Both Keith Lee and Johnny Gargano participated in the Quixo-sponsored “Who are they wearing!?” game with Lee rocking BLM gear and Gargano having what we could best determine was anime-based? The cape confused us greatly and when we learned it was Mandalorian-based we were all disappointed with our life choices. These two had a great match with some ready-to-go gifs. Mid-match, Gargano left the ring and tried to break back into the In Your House set to escape. All that eventually got him was a pounce through the audience-protecting plexi-glass (which I kind of want to stay when live shows come back? Is that weird?). Candice tried to interfere but was chased away by Yim, and Gargano KEYED Lee in the eyes for a two-count. Keith Lee, though blind, was able to finish Gargano off.

I enjoyed the hell out of this match. Lee is an unstoppable and Gargano did his best to out-wrestle him except that Lee can wrestle just as well and just as fast and also has at least 100 pounds on him. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Gargano and Candice head to Raw or Smackdown after this, but we’ll see. Lee should be the one to dethrone Cole for one reason:

Your Winner: Keith Lee

Quixotronic Prediction Score: Kyle (Keith Lee, 2-1); Tim (Keith Lee, 3-0)


NXT Title Backlot Brawl Match: Velveteen Dream vs Adam Cole ©

Previously on Fanboy Wrestletronic: They make their way to WWE Headquarters (despite the Performance Center being in Florida and WWE HQ in Connecticut), climb the corporate ladder and make their way to the roof where there is still a ring and ladders set up. They bash each other with ladders until Dream is able to hit the flying elbow off the top of one to win the title.

And now the conclusion: The placement of this match on the card made the whole Quixotronic Bullpen go “oh dear, Dream ain’t winning.” Our collective hope dying I think took a little something out of this match. Velveteen Dream’s entry in the Quixo-sponsored “Who are they wearing!?” game for his cosplay as The Walking Dead’s Negan helped, but it was not enough. We got our spot of Dexter Lumis kidnapping Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong to even the odds, but it was not enough as Adam Cole got the pin and the win.

I still hope it will eventually be Keith Lee to dethrone Adam Cole down the line. However based on the following NXT episode, it looks like Karrion Kross is now setting his eyes on Cole and it’s hard to imagine Kross not walking away with the title based on the next match. Dream however… perhaps a tag team run with Dexter Lumis? We just got a similar vibe team with Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne, but I guess flamboyant Prince and silent Serial Killer could work.

Your Winner: Adam Cole

Quixotronic Prediction Score: Kyle (Velveteen Dream, 2-2); Tim (Velveteen Dream, 3-1)


Karrion Kross vs Tommaso Ciampa

Previously on Fanboy Wrestletronic: Kross being the next big thing should go over Ciampa but the final shot should be Daddy laughing as Kross and Scarlet head up the ramp. Ciampa will fight another day, and next time he’ll have Kross’ number.

And now the conclusion: We now have a new crazy killer in NXT, and his name is not Tommaso Ciampa. Kross completely dismantled Ciampa. I don’t remember Ciampa even getting any offense on Kross at all.

Kross looks to be the next NXT title challenger based on the next episode of NXT. Where that leaves Ciampa… who knows? He’s gone on record several times saying his neck wouldn’t be able to handle the schedule of Raw and Smackdown, but then again, they’re on the same schedule as NXT at this point, so maybe he could jump to Monday or Friday for a while? As long as Daddy is on my screen I don’t mind where, but I’m not sure where he goes next.

Your Winner: Karrion Kross

Quixotronic Prediction Score: Kyle (Karrion Kross, 3-2); Ryan (Tommaso Ciampa, 0-1); Tim (Tommaso Ciampa, 3-2)


NXT Women’s Title Match: Io Shirai vs Rhea Ripley vs Charlotte Flair ©

Previously on Fanboy Wrestletronic: Eventually one of them pins/submits the other and Flair goes back to Raw. In this fantasy scenario it does not matter which one wins, just not Flair.

And now the conclusion: This was a fun match and far better than the men’s title match and deserved the main event. Ripley and Shirai can both did great work, and while I didn’t want her in my NXT, Flair also did great work in the match even if she didn’t “lose” the title on her own - it was Ripley that took the pin from Shirai ensuring that Flair “stays strong” for Raw and Asuka.

This was a long way around a Flair bump in the road, but Shirai was the obvious next champion - though Ripley should have retained at WrestleMania to drop the title to Shirai in a straight one-on-one contest. Either way we were able to end on a happy note and have streamers. And the best part: all three of us picked wrong! Hooray us!

Your Winner, and NEW NXT Women’s Champion: Io Shirai

Quixotronic Prediction Score: Kyle (Charlotte Flair, 3-3); Ryan (Rhea Ripley, 0-2); Tim (Rhea Ripley, 3-3)


WWE United States Title Match: Andrade vs Apollo Crews ©

Previously on Fanboy Wrestletronic: The ref makes the call to make the match a fatal four way match and … it ends when Andrade pins Garza again to win the title while Owens and Crews are on the outside.

And now the conclusion: Fun story - I forgot to watch this match because it must have been on the pre-show and I'm already editing this to post so screw it. I'm sure it was a very good match and Apollo Crews won.

Your Winners: Apollo Crews

Quixotronic Prediction Score: Kyle (Andrade, 3-4); Tim (Apollo Crews, 4-3)


WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles Match: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs The Iconics (Billie Kay & Peyton Royce) vs Bayley & Sasha Banks ©

Previously on Fanboy Wrestletronic: I would have Bayley pin Bliss in the end. This gives us multiple takeaways: the Iconics stay strong until we’re ready to give the titles back to a “real” tag team when Bayley and Sasha implode, Alexa gets beat which gives Nikki a reason to maybe finally turn on Bliss after the original setup of their team being that Bliss was just screwing with Cross, and it gives Bayley bragging rights for carrying the team.

And now the conclusion: Bayley and Sasha worked hard on their double team heel work. While Bayley was working the ring, Sasha was working the outside keeping everyone else discombobulated. Royce hit a fun crossbody through the ropes onto Sasha and Alexa that took out everyone on the outside. It ended with Banks rolling up Alexa as she was pinning Royce to steal then win.

With the champs retaining, I’d love to see them use the brand-hoping tag titles to go after Asuka on Raw so that Sasha can have two belts. I don’t think they’d be able to get that 2nd (4th?) belt, but hey, I’d love to see them try. Too bad they’re not ready for Asuka.

Your Winners: Bayley & Sasha Banks

Quixotronic Prediction Score: Kyle (Bayley & Sasha Banks, 4-4); Tim (Iconics, 4-4)


Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus

Previously on Fanboy Wrestletronic: I would actually have Sheamus murder Hardy. Murder him to the point where he wins due to match stoppage, not a pin.

And now the conclusion: Sheamus did a bit of mandhandling with the rag doll known as Jeff Hardy. This was pretty much the utter beating I was hoping for, minus the ref stoppage - instead Sheamus used the Brogue Kick to finish Hardy off.

I’m hoping this gives Sheamus ammunition to start going after the Universal title so we can get Strowman/Sheamus in a big hoss fight. Hardy can continue his 15th comeback story as he starts to pick wins here and there and works his way to an Intercontinental title shot against Styles.

Your Winners: Sheamus

Quixotronic Prediction Score: Kyle (Jeff Hardy, 4-5); Tim (Sheamus, 5-4)


WWE Raw Women’s Title Match: Nia Jax vs Asuka ©

Previously on Fanboy Wrestletronic: Asuka beats Nia Jax no problem whatsoever and then only after she has already lost, Kairi Sane returns for revenge on Jax and to celebrate with Asuka.

And now the conclusion: Nia Jax started the match getting far too much offense on Asuka. No one should get offense on Asuka. It’s like how you can’t powerbomb Billy Kidman - it just doesn’t and shouldn’t happen. They eventually fight to the outside where they are both counted out. And not in any extreme sort of way. They both just got counted out. Asuka took out her rage with flying butt attack before grabbing her belt and leaving.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this feud is over. Thankfully no one got hurt (that I’ve seen so far?) and it’s bad that that’s my main takeaway. Send Sasha Banks after Asuka and let her have a fun-as-hell match instead of whatever this was.

Your Winners: No Contest due to double count-out

Quixotronic Prediction Score: Kyle (Asuka, 4-6); Tim (Asuka, 5-5)


WWE Universal Title Handicap Match: John Morrison & Miz vs Braun Strowman ©

Previously on Fanboy Wrestletronic: Strowman powers through and pins Morrison, setting up Miz to walk out on Morrison for their feud to start.

And now the conclusion: Miz and Morrison began the match by showing their latest music video instead - kudos for it being full screen by the way - until Strowman came in. Miz spent the match being the more hesitant of the two to actually face Strowman, even going for a tag when Morrison was on the outside. Strowman was able to literally toss Miz and Morrison at each other, doubling his attack point totals. Miz and Morrison hit a double team Skull Crushing Finale and we got our first instance of Miz pulling Morrison from the pin. Strowman was able to hit the Running Powerslam onto Morrison for the win.

We didn’t get any tease of a split with Miz and Morrison after the match, but I guess they have Smackdown for that. Hopefully. Morrison was clearly the more confident in the match so hopefully that means Miz will indeed stay the chickenshit heel he always needs to be.

Your Winners: Braun Strowman

Quixotronic Prediction Score: Kyle (Braun Strowman, 5-6); Tim (Braun Strowman, 6-5)


WWE World Title Match: Bobby Lashley vs Drew McIntyre ©

Previously on Fanboy Wrestletronic: In the end McIntyre hits a Claymore and just as he goes for the pin MVP attacks Lashley before the three count. This gives Lashley the DQ victory and grounds for a rematch.

And now the conclusion: Lashley started strong, attacking before McIntyre could even get his robe off. Lashley seemed focused as hell for most of the match, even getting close to pinning McIntyre. However Lana finally showed up, distracted Lashley and MVP, and McIntyre hit the Claymore for the pin.

Bobby Lashley, ignoring the stupid Lana bit at the end, looked very solid against McIntyre, and McIntyre looked great taking all the fight and still powering through.

Your Winner: Drew McIntyre

Quixotronic Prediction Score: Kyle (Drew McIntyre, 6-6); Tim (Drew McIntyre, 7-5)


“The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever”™: Edge vs Randy Orton

Previously on Fanboy Wrestletronic: I actually don’t have an idea for booking this beyond having Orton win. And he wins fairly, because this is “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever.”™

And now the conclusion: First and foremost: it was cool but also creepy to have the disembodied ghost voice of Howard Finkel introduce Orton and Edge. These two did indeed have a very good match, but clearly wrestling is far too objective to call anything the greatest. Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior and Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrero are both greatest in completely opposite reasons so billing a match as such is meaningless, though Orton vs Edge was thankfully closer to Malenko vs Guerrero. Mid-match Orton started bleeding from his forehead after a stiff headbutt from Edge that sent Orton to the outside. Late in the match the two started hitting each other with famous finishers (Orton used Triple H’s Pedigree, Edge used Rock’s Rock Bottom). RKOs and Spears were plentiful but it was a Punt to Edge’s head that secured Orton the victory.

This was a very good match, and easily the best one-on-one wrestling match of the two shows. Unfortunately Edge suffered a torn triceps sometime during the match and will be out for 4-8 months. With how they’ve spread the feud out, that actually works alright, but still a shame to have Edge out with an injury so soon into his return. Orton now has Edge’s blood on his hands and can walk into whatever feud he wants - perhaps with McIntyre for the title? Edge, if healthy post-surgery, can always show up to cost him his title shot to keep the feud on the backburner until we get that third match.

Your Winner: Randy Orton

Quixotronic Prediction Score: Kyle (Randy Orton, 7-6); Tim (Edge, 7-6)


And that does it for our NXT Takeover In Your House and WWE Backlash 2020 review(s). Taking our picks into account our standings are now:

Kyle: 31-19 (or 62%)

Tim: 11-10 (or 52%)

Ryan: 0-2 (or 0%)

Hopefully next show we won't get the same right and wrong and see some action in these stats. Then it'll be a party.

We'll see you back here for WWE Extreme Rules and maybe? Impact Slammiversary in July. I don't actually watch Impact so that could get interesting. Also maybe we'll check in on New Japan. We'll see. In the end we here at Quixotronic are just killing time for the NWA to come back with the Crockett Cup.

Thanks for joining us again and be sure to subscribe on Facebook and follow for more questionable content.

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