Fanboy Wrestletronic: AEW Full Gear 2020

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

We interrupt your WWE previews with a special event - an AEW show! It’s time for AEW’s fourth supershow of the year, Full Gear! If there’s anything we need now, it’s a new show from the kids who used to run with the Bullet Club and superkick everyone.

Going into the show, the main storylines (of course) involve the Elite being fine - the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega have all been sliding more and more into heel tendencies even if there’s no reason any fan will ever rightfully boo them. They have the anti-John Cena effect. In the Omega/Page dynamic, I think it works - Page is more sympathetic since he is by far the underdog in their match up. With the Bucks and FTR - no matter how heelish the Bucks want to be, FTR are natural heels. They’re managed by Tully fucking Blanchard! He’s like the one Horseman who was just an all out dick! Outside of that we have Jon Moxley (formerly WWE’s Dean Ambrose) defending his AEW title against new-signy and welcome-challenger Eddie Kingston, and Cody defending his TNT title against Jeff Hardy 2.0 Darby Allin. Let’s get to it!

Because the Quixo-offices are less in-tune with the stylings of AEW (to be fair, it is on against our darling NXT) so any wrong guesses will not count against us in the Quixotronic Wrestling Shame Challenge (trademark pending) (and assuming the other two get back to me about picks - it might just be free points for me!). We would have been more prepared if it wasn’t for the #quixotine when we were supposed to see Dynamite live back in April or even for the original reschedule date of October 28th! We were supposed to be at an AEW show two weeks ago! But no, #quixotine it is. But let’s check in with what happened last time...

Previously on Fanboy Wrestletronic…

Standings going into WWE Hell in a Cell 2020

First Place: Kyle, 60% (58-38)

Second Place: Tim, 54% (32-27)

Third Place: Ryan, 48% (19-21)

WWE Hell in a Cell results & scores:

WWE Universal Title Hell in a Cell I Quit Match: Jey Uso vs Roman Reigns ©

Your Winner: Roman Reigns

Kyle: Roman Reigns (1-0 / 59-38)

Ryan: Jey Uso (0-1 / 19-22)

Tim: Roman Reigns (1-0 / 33-27)

Elias vs Jeff Hardy

Your Winner: Elias (by DQ)

Kyle: Elias (2-0 / 60-38)

Ryan: Elias (1-1 / 20-22)

Tim: Elias (2-0 / 34-27)

Money in the Bank Contract Match: The Miz vs Otis Dozovic

Your Winner: The Miz

Kyle: The Miz (3-0 / 61-38)

Ryan: Otis Dozovic (1-2 / 20-23)

Tim: The Miz (3-0 / 35-27)

WWE Smackdown Women’s Title Hell in a Cell Match: Sasha Banks vs Bayley ©

Your Winner, and NEW WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion: Sasha Banks

Kyle: Sasha Banks (4-0 / 62-38)

Ryan: Sasha Banks (2-2 / 21-23)

Tim: Sasha Banks (4-0 / 36-27)

WWE United States Title Match: Shane Thorne vs Bobby Lashley ©

Your Winner: Bobby Lashley

Kyle: n/a

Ryan: n/a

Tim: n/a

WWE World Title Hell in a Cell Match: Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre ©

Your Winner, and NEW WWE World Champion: Randy Orton

Kyle: Drew McIntyre (4-1 / 62-39)

Ryan: Drew McIntyre (2-3 / 21-24)

Tim: Drew McIntyre (4-1 / 36-28)

And now the conclusion…

New standings going into AEW Full Gear 2020:

First Place: Kyle, 61% (62-39)

Second Place: Tim, 56% (36-28)

Third Place: Ryan, 47% (21-24)

Who will survive!?

If you want to watch AEW Full Gear live on Saturday, you’ll want to purchase it on Bleacher Report Live. Until then, here’s your Quixotronic preview of the show.

AEW Full Gear 2020

NWA Worlds Women’s Title Match: Allysin Kay vs Serena Deeb ©

The Background: Allysin Kay lost the NWA Worlds Women’s title back in January at NWA Hard Times to Thunder Rosa. Rosa has spent her #quixotine getting ready to defend her title and showed up on the September 9th Dynamite in preparation for a champion vs champion match with Hikaru Shida at AEW All Out 2020 that Shida won (only Shida's AEW title was on the line). The two even teamed with each other against Diamante & Ivelisse on the September 23rd Dynamite. However, Serena Deeb defeated Rosa for the NWA title on the October 27th UWN Primetime Live. Now the new NWA champion will face the former NWA champion on the pre-show of an AEW show.

Fanboy Fantasy: I don’t have much story beyond the two have a solid 10 minutes to go and Deeb retains her title. I would add NWA Worlds Heavyweight champion Nick Aldis on commentary to help put over the NWA and to tease future work with not only the NWA as a whole but specifically with its two top champions.

Quixotronic Bullpen Predictions:

Kyle: Serena Deeb - I love long title reigns so I can’t go against the new champ, even if Kay regaining the title wouldn’t be a shock.

Ryan: TBD

Tim: TBD

John Silver vs Orange Cassidy

The Background: Um… John Silver is the tiny dwarf man who lives for the Dark Order even though they all hate him. Orange Cassidy is here - I’m not sure how to explain him. Honestly this was supposed to be on the pre-show so I wasn’t going to write about it. The two are angry at each other for reasons and will now fight. The two both have far more character development on Being the Elite - I really wish they would fold that into Dynamite.

Fanboy Fantasy: John Silver goes full force out and does not accomplish anything. Orange Cassidy barely lifts a finger and causes all the damage. Silver sells literally everything Cassidy barely throws at him. However, I’d have Silver surprise everyone with a quick rollup for the win. Orange Cassidy doesn’t react to the loss at all but Silver is ecstatic. He can use this one win as fuel for fun in upcoming episodes of Being the Elite and get a chance to yell at Brodie Lee for once (before Lee shuts him down of course). Basically I want John Silver to be happy for a few minutes, okay?

Quixotronic Bullpen Predictions:

Kyle: Orange Cassidy - Cassidy is coming off defeating Chris Jericho at the last AEW PPV so I don’t see him losing to John Silver, no matter how god damn delightful Silver is on Being the Elite.

Ryan: TBD

Tim: TBD

If MJF wins, he joins the Inner Circle: Chris Jericho vs MJF

The Background: Chris Jericho spent the summer feuding with Orange Cassidy which led to a Mimosa Mayhem match at AEW All Out 2020 which was won by Mr. Cassidy by punching Jericho into a giant vat of mimosa. Wrestling! MJF on the other hand spent the summer campaigning as the uncrowned AEW Champion until he was defeated by AEW Champion Jon Moxley at the same show. After their losing efforts, Jericho and MJF started circling each other immediately on the September 9th Dynamite by passive aggressively complementing each other. The two had a stare down after MJF inserted himself into the “30 Years of Jericho” celebration on the October 7th Dynamite, and MJF made his intentions to join the Inner Circle clear on the October 14th Dynamite. History was then made on the October 21st Dynamite when the two participated in “Le Dinner Debonaire”. Watch it. Watch it now. Finally on the October 28th Dynamite they decided that they must fight over MJF joining the Inner Circle - if he can beat Jericho, he’s in. If not, well, then not. On the go-home show November 4th Dynamite, MJF and Wardlow defeated Inner Circle goons Sammy Guevara and Ortiz for ever-important momentum.

Fanboy Fantasy: MJF clearly wins and joins the Inner Circle. He of course is able to weasel Wardlow into the Inner Circle also. MJF starts driving a wedge between IC and Santana and Ortiz until they ultimately leave the