Fanboy Wrestletronic: AEW Double or Nothing 2021

Hey, we actually got around to making a new AEW preview! Going back and seeing what we actually wrote, it looks like we’re averaging every other AEW show since we last did Novembers AEW Full Gear 2020 and before that last year’s AEW Double or Nothing 2020. So I guess I can’t guarantee an All Out 2021 preview, but I’m sure we’ll be back with November's Full Gear 2021?*

*This is not an actual guarantee.

So as I was writing up my very important fantasy version of this show that I know you’ve all been looking forward to, news (well, rumors) broke that apparently according to some sources that perhaps the promotions known as World Wrestling Entertainment (moving forward referred to as “WWE”) and New Japan Pro Wrestling (moving forward referred to as “NJPW”) were…. In talks! Can you believe it!?!?! They are in talks!!!! Wrestling Twitter freaked the fuck out with inter-promotional match-up ideas and wishes from both bums like us and actual wrestlers. Can you believe it!?

So yeah, that might happen. It’ll be cool if it does. It makes me think that more and more my Quixo-Great American Bash show doesn’t sound as far fetched as it did back in January which is very weird. Of course, the nice thing about this inter-promotional work lately has that every major non-WWE player has been involved… but if NJPW and WWE signed a deal, that would probably be more exclusive, you know? And I don’t like that as much? In a perfect world, they would all start sharing their independent contractors (which would maybe make that whole idea slightly more realistic?) but you know WWE would lock that down with NJPW. Here’s Tony Khan’s response via Twitter:

I actually forgot that Tony Khan was referring to himself as the Forbidden Door. Even here Tony Khan’s promo assumes that a NJPW/WWE deal would be exclusively NJPW and WWE with no room for anyone else. At least it’ll lead to more Tony Khan manic promos where’s both the smartest guy and dorkiest guy in the room, something we here at Quixo strive for. Oh it’s just me? Eh, I know where I stand.

So what WWE/NJPW matches would I want? Admittedly my NJPW knowledge is no where near my WWE knowledge (notice how we may have 2 previous AEW previews but 0 NJPW previews), but I’d love to see:

  • Kazuchika Okada vs Roman Reigns

  • Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa) w/ Haku vs Usos (Jey & Jimmy Uso) w/ Rikishi

  • Finn Balor vs Jay White

  • Bobby Lashley vs Tomohiro Ishii

But currently Bullet Club member KENTA gets the win for his suggested match:

So will WWE/NJPW happen? Who knows. Can we dream? Of course, that’s the whole basis of these articles and why wrestling is great. Could it somehow work where everyone worked together? Wrestling seems to be far more open to cooperation than ever before so you never know.

Let's check in with the first round of the all-new all-different Quixotronic Wrestling Shame Challenge!

Previously on Fanboy Wrestletronic…

Standings going into WWE WrestleMania Backlash 2021 :

First Place: Andy 0% (0-0)

First Place: Kyle 0% (0-0)

First Place: Ryan 0% (0-0)

First Place: Tim 0% (0-0)

WWE WrestleMania Backlash 2021 results :

Ricochet vs Sheamus

Your Winner : Sheamus

Andy: n/a (0-0)

Kyle: n/a (0-0)

Ryan: n/a (0-0)

Tim: n/a (0-0)

WWE Raw Women's Title Match : Asuka vs Charlotte Flair vs Asuka ©

Your Winner, and STILL WWE Raw Women's Champion : Rhea Ripley

Andy: Charlotte Flair (0-1)

Kyle: Charlotte Flair (0-1)

Ryan: Rhea Ripley (1-0)

Tim: Rhea Ripley (1-0)

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Titles Match : Los Mysterios (Dominik & Rey Mysterio) vs Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode ©

Your Winners, and NEW WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions : Los Mysterios

Andy: Dirty Dawgs (0-2)

Kyle: Los Mysterios (1-1)

Ryan: Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode (1-1)

Tim: The Mysterii (2-0)

Lumberjack Match : Damian Priest vs the Miz

Your Winner : Damian Priest

Andy: The Miz (0-3)

Kyle: Damian Priest (2-1)

Ryan: Damian Priest (2-1)

Tim: Damian Priest (3-0)

WWE Smackdown Women's Title Match : Bayley vs Bianca Belair ©

Your Winner, and STILL WWE Smackdown Women's Champion : Bianca Belair

Andy: Bayley (0-4)

Kyle: Bianca Belair (3-1)

Ryan: Bianca Belair (3-1)

Tim: Bianca Belair (4-0)

WWE World Title Match : Braun Strowman vs Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Lashley ©

Your Winner, and STILL WWE World Champion : Bobby Lashley

Andy: Drew McIntyre (0-5)

Kyle: Bobby Lashley (4-1)

Ryan: Bobby Lashley (4-1)

Tim: Bobby Lashley (5-0)

WWE Universal Title Match : Cesaro vs Roman Reigns ©

Your Winner, and STILL WWE Universal Champion : Roman Reigns

Andy: Cesaro (0-6)

Kyle: Roman Reigns (5-1)

Ryan: Roman Reigns (5-1)

Tim: Roman Reigns (6-0)

And now the conclusion…

New standings after WWE WrestleMania Backlash 2021 :

First Place: Tim 100% (6-0)

Second Place: Kyle 83.3% (5-1)

Second Place: Ryan 83.3% (5-1)

Third Place: Andy 0% (0-6)

Who will survive!?


If you want to watch AEW Double or Nothing 2021 live on Sunday, you’ll want to check it out on Bleacher Report Live. Until then, here’s your Quixotronic preview of the show.

AEW Double or Nothing 2021

Casino Battle Royal Match for a future AEW World Title Shot

20 of 21 announced: Anthony Bowens, Blade, Brian Pillman Jr, Christian Cage, Colt Cabana, Dustin Rhodes, Evil Uno, Griff Garrison, Isiah Kassidy, Jungle Boy, Lee Johnson, Marq Quen, Matt Hardy, Matt Sydal, Max Caster, Nick Comoroto, Penta el Zero Miedo, Powerhouse Hobbes, Preston Vance, QT Marshall

The Background: This is a throw-everyone-in-who-doesn't-have-a-match match with the extra special bonus stipulation of the winner gets a future shot at the AEW World Title currently held by Kenny Omega (though maybe Orange Cassidy or PAC after the show?). The rules are similar-ish to a Royal Rumble, but not the same for copyright purposes. Every wrestler draws a card, and then five wrestlers with the same card suit (so let's say spades) start the match. Three minutes later, five more wrestlers with a different suit (now hearts!) join the match. Three minutes later, the next suit, three minutes later, the last suit. Three minutes more, and the wrestler who drew the Joker card enters as the last entrant. Eliminations are by throwing your opponent over the top rope and both feet hitting the floor. Like I said, it's close but we're going for the Rumble's foreign non-union equivalent. Oh, and did somebody say.... three minutes?

Fanboy Fantasy: The first suit, spades, comes out and we get Griff Garrison, Marq Quen, Isiah Kassidy, QT Marshall, and Christian Cage. Private Party immediately start double teaming the other three while Garrison and Christian start to work together and Marshall tries to hide in the corner. Private Party are able to eliminate Garrison as the next suit, diamonds, enters and we get Matt Hardy, Lee Johnson, Anthony Bowens, Brian Pillman Jr, and Powerhouse Hobbs. Lee Johnson and QT Marshall eliminate each other, and Christian takes out Bowens. Powerhouse Hobbs goes after Christian and literally throws Pillman Jr at him, eliminating the other Varsity Blondes member. Before the four heels can destroy Christian, the next suit, clubs, enters giving us Penta el Zero Miedo, Blade, Jungle Boy, Matt Sydal, and Nick Comoroto. Matt Hardy is eliminated on accident from miscommunication with Private Party, followed by Pentagon Jr and Jungle Boy double dropkicking Private Party out. Hobbs continues to go after Christian while Sydal is able to eliminate Nick Comoroto of the Factory. The last suit, hearts, enters giving us Colt Cabana, Dustin Rhodes, Evil Uno, Max Caster, and Preston Vance. Christian finally overpowers and eliminated Hobbs while Penta el Zero Miedo eliminates Evil Uno and Preston Vance of the Dark Order. Colt Cabana takes care of Blade while Jungle Boy is able to eliminate Matt Sydal when the Joker appears - Bryan Danielson! The other six allow Danielson to enter and Dustin Rhodes even offers his hand. Danielson gladly takes it - and whips Rhodes into the ropes and eliminates him. The American Dragon is not fucking around. Christian, Pentagon, and Danielson center in on eachother while Jungle Boy, Colt Cabana, and Max Caster avoid them. Caster eliminates Cabana, and Jungle Boy and Caster both topple over - Caster is eliminated but Jungle Boy holds on. Christian and Danielson briefly team-up to eliminate Pentagon Jr, leaving the two and Jungle Boy. Danielson talks Jungle Boy into helping him with Christian, but Jungle Boy is visibly conflicted. Christian eyes up Jungle Boy, tells him he understands, and the two lock up with Danielson directing Jungle Boy's movements. Jack Perry is able to get Christian to the ropes when Danielson easily eliminates Christian. Danielson and Jungle Boy go on to wrestle for a solid five minutes until by pure luck, Jungle Boy eliminates Danielson! Jungle Boy is getting an AEW World title shot! Tony Schiavone gets to Danielson before he leaves and asks him flat out: has he signed with All Elite Wrestling? Nope! He had to see what was going on here, so he had his people file the paperwork and he joined the Casino Battle Royal. But he has more exploring to do before he returns to AEW. He needs to check out the current wrestling territories. When he returns, he won't need a contract: he'll have the "forbidden key."

Quixotronic Bullpen Predictions:

Kyle: Penta el Zero Miedo - I'm torn between Pentagon Jr, Jungle Boy and Christian Cage, but I think it's still too early for that sweet sweet Christian/Omega match. I'd like to see Jungle Boy go the distance, but Penta can be set up as a legitimate threat.

Ryan: TBD

Tim: TBD

Andy: TBD

Anthony Ogogo (w/ QT Marshal