Fanboy Fantasy Wrestletronic: Great American Bash 2021

As the new year begins, we're all taking a large breathe before the Road to WrestleMania™ begins with the Royal Rumble. While we wait, why not take a jump back to our Quixo-WWE universe (trademark pending, #quixotine) that we started with Quixo-WWE WrestleMania 37. I will warn you, dear reader - we now have what's called "continuity" so please go back and catch up with our version of the Show of Shows™ - you'll be glad(?) that you did.

So what's the set-up here? You saw the title - why are we doing the Great American Bash, an old WCW show? It was most recently used by NXT last year as a two-week event that saw Keith Lee win the NXT title from Adam Cole before losing it a month-ish later to Karrion Kross (who was injured in the match and vacated the title). Before that it was the one WCW show name brought back by WWE and used in their monthly PPV rotation from 2004-2009 (though renamed "The Bash" in 2009), and before that it was a WCW/NWA fixture from 1985-2000 acting as the SummerSlam to Starrcade's WrestleMania, in both cases before the WWE's versions.

In short - it's a solid go-to show name with sweet delicious history.

We primarily cover WWE shows here at Quixotronic but we do also enjoy all of the wrestling, including All Elite Wrestling and Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA Wrestling). For those not watching either of those shows, some quick history - when everyone went into #quixotine last spring, WWE was not the only organization to jump straight into empty arena shows - AEW (via the Khan family-owned Daily's Place in Jacksonville, FL and their partnership with TNT) and Impact (via Skyway Studios in Nashville, TN and by way of being owned by television channel AXS) were both able to continue programming "as usual" while other smaller brands like Ring of Honor, Major League Wrestling, and Quixo-favorite the National Wrestling Alliance had to stop shows all together.

While WWE/NXT dables in "inter-promotional" material from time to time (primarily during Survivor Series), AEW and Impact both jumped in head-first recently on the December 2nd Dynamite when Kenny Omega defeated AEW Champion Jon Moxley for the title and immedietly ran out of the arena with his newly-won belt and his friend Don Callis who was a guest on commentary by Omega's request. The odd thing? Don Callis is the co-Excutive Vice President of Impact Wrestling. The next week, AEW Champion Kenny Omega showed up on the December 8th Impact on AXS.

Since arriving in Impact, AEW Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis, the Invisible Hand™ of wrestling have made their mission clear - they are changing wrestling and have been for years. It was Callis and Omega who called not-under-contract Chris Jericho in 2017 about a match with Omega at New Japan Pro-Wrestling's Wrestle Kingdom 12 in January 2018. That injected Jericho, Le Champion, into the world outside of WWE. Their match helped spark interest for Tony Khan to team with Jericho, Omega, and the Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) to form All Elite Wrestling while Callis continued on commentary for both NJPW and Impact the following year. See? It was Callis and Omega the whole time!

But what if they're mission continued into what we would call impossible territory? What if they were able to bring WWE into it? What if AEW Champion Kenny Omega stepped into the Thunderdome on WWE television? What would cause WWE to even allow that to happen?

Part, the first: the behind-the-scenes set-up.

Wrestling is a business, and because of the #quixotine, business has been... different? Let's pretend that our Quixo-WWE WrestleMania 37 happened (seriously, read it first) as proposed - we were still in the Thunderdome in a two-night affair because we still weren't doing live shows. But let's pretend optimistically (very very optimistically) that in the two months after that, by June 2021, enough people were vacinated to allow for a live show. WWE, I don't think we have to pretend, would make a huge fucking show of it with all of the fireworks and all of the ga-ga and it would be very pro-America because we as Americans beat this thing and we're going to celebrate.

A "bash" for a "great America," if you will. But not that kind of G**** A******, that's bad. Side-note: WWE Hall of Famer D***** T**** has been expelled from the not-actually-a-physical-thing WWE Hall of Fame and replaced by long-overdue-celebrity Andy Kaufman. You're welcome.

Once things are looking good for live shows to come back, WWE books a huge thank-you show at Tropicana Field baseball stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Rays, original site for this year's WWE Royal Rumble 2021 even when booked in the before-times, and current home of the WWE ThunderDome.* Only now, we're letting in fans instead of screens.

*Fun fact: when the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team briefly used Tropicana Field from 1993-1996, it was known as the "ThunderDome". That makes this ThunderDome a ThunderDome within a ThunderDome. A Tur-thunderdome-ken. The more you know.

Now let's imagine that AEW and Impact have been working with each other for about 6 months at this point, and Kenny Omega has defeated Rich Swann to become the Impact World Champion along with his AEW World title. Don Callis and Tony Khan both meet with Triple H and it is somehow agreed that as a thank you to America, they will do a one-time-only show with all three promotions at Tropicana Field because Vince McMahon fell asleep or something. I have no good idea why Vince would allow this other than death so we're just going to say he's letting Triple H handle this... for reasons? Money reasons. That'll do, pig.

Part, the second: the on-screen set-up.

With the "behind the scenes" reasoning vaguely taken care of - what happens on television? To briefly catch AEW and Impact up to Quixo-WWE WrestleMania 37 time (again, please read it if you've made it this far)...

On Impact television, at their Hard to Kill show in early January, Kenny Omega and Impact Tag Team Champions the Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson), all former Bullet Club-members now "taking the name back" defeat Impact World Champion Rich Swann and the Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin). Deonna Purrazzo and TJP retain their Impact Knockouts title and Impact X-Division title respectively while Jazz & Jordynne Grace are crowned the new Impact Knockouts Tag Team champions. The next month at their Sacrifice PPV, Deonna Purrazzo and Jazz/Grace both retain again (against Tenille Dashwood and Taya Valkyrie/Rosemary) while TJP loses his X-Division title to former champion Chris Bey while "TNA World Champion" Moose loses his chance at Rich Swann's Impact World title when Kenny Omega attacks Swann causing the DQ. Moose, currently claiming to be the TNA World Champion having pulled the belt out of storage, is not happy.

On AEW television, as we saw recently the Young Bucks have signed back up with Bullet Club along with Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers, all backed by Don Callis. At this point they're out right calling themselves Bullet Club again even though it gets bleeped every time they say it since the name is owned by New Japan Pro Wrestling. At February's Revolution, Omega retains his AEW World title against PAC, Darby Allin retains his AEW TNT title against Ricky Starks, Britt Baker finally captures the AEW Women's title from Hikaru Shida, and the Young Bucks retain their AEW Tag Team titles against both John Silver & Alex Reynolds and Evil Uno & Stu Grayson, all of the Dark Order in a brief feud-for-power after Brodie Lee/Luke Harper's far-too-soon death.

That gets all three shows roughly to the same place by April 2021.

Futher on AEW & Impact television, as mentioned, Kenny Omega defeats Rich Swann to add the Impact World title to his collection. This heats up things between the two companies so that Chris Bey defends his X-Division title at AEW's Double or Nothing 2021 show in May and loses the title to Jungle Boy - now AEW has two of Impact's titles. Omega retain against Colt Cabana in what should be a feel good match but Omega is full-asshole now, Allin retains against Scorpio Sky, Baker retains against Kris Statlander, and the Young Bucks retain against Death Triangle members Pentagon Jr & Rey Fenix. In good news for Impact, Chris Bey is able to regain his (and Impact's) X-Division title from Jungle Boy on an episode of Impact, and better still, Impact's Taya Valkyrie defeats Britt Baker for the AEW Women's title, giving Impact control of all the women's titles between the two promotions. AEW and Impact are fully intangled.

Part, the third: the not-quite Invasion.

And then it happens - Omega and Callis, now drunk with power, show up to the (new) ThunderDome on WWE Smackdown in early June 2021. After bragging about how WWE was too stupid to ever deactivate the Good Brothers' credentials allowing them to "sneak" in, Omega gets to the pont - he has two titles and wants to show that he is the Best in the World. WWE security tries to get rid of them but Don Roman and The Family stop them - he would like to hear them out. The Usos, Seth Rollins, Rikishi, and the entire Bloodline of Tamina, Nia Jax and Naomi (who have been traded to Smackdown at Roman's pleasure), destroy WWE's security leaving Roman alone in the ring with Omega and Callis.

While Omega respects what Roman has done with his one show, and being on national television is top notch, Omega has been all over the world in multiple organizations. He's been collecting proof that he is the Best Bout Machine. Roman Reigns is good, he's the champion of the “universe" (very heavy finger quotes here) but that is still one belt. In fact, it's not even the top belt in his company - he shares that distinction with Raw's Drew McIntyre! He has half the top belts of his one company, while Omega has two top belts from two different companies. Three if we're counting his AAA Mega Championship!

Roman must admit, Omega has the quantity, but defiantly disagrees that he has the quality. And so, with Roman speaking for WWE, Omega speaking for AEW, and Callis speaking for Impact, they agree to Callis's suggestion of having a series of challenges not unlike WWE's Survivor Series - champions against champions - at the first show for all three companies to allow fans in-person again. It's what Triple H would call "Best for Business."

Four matches are easily set - tag team champions, women's champions, secondary men's champions, and the world champions. For the other matches, Triple H, Khan, and Callis agree that each brand (Raw, Smackdown, AEW, and Impact) will allow two of their superstars each to pick a challenge against another brand's superstars, giving us 8 additional matches (WWE via both Raw and Smackdown get 4 picks due to allowing the use of the ThunderDome). May the best promotion win.

As for the "challenges," they are determined somehow, it doesn't matter. Picked to make these "challenges" are Bobby Lashley and Nikki Cross of WWE Raw, Bayley and Seth Rollins of WWE Smackdown, Cody Rhodes and PAC of AEW, and Moose and the Motor City Machine Guns of Impact.

Who will survive!?

Quick note - while Quixo-WWE WrestleMania 37 happened as described, I am adding an addition - Randy Orton wasn't involved in WM37 due to the Fanboy Fantasy version of his Firefly Funhouse match proposed in our WWE TLC 2020 preview/fantasy booking - just assume he was "saved" by the Undertaker in the epilogue along with AJ Styles and John Cena (for fuck's sake read the damn article!). At this point however, only AJ Styles has reappeared on television post-Firefly Funhouse. Randy Orton and Edge (along with Alexa Bliss, Braun Strowman, and their savior Undertaker) are all still missing.

Continuity is exausting and the best.

WWE/AEW/Impact Great American Bash Pre-Show Matches

NXT/ROH Confrontation (on NXT on USA)

Fanboy Fantasy: The recently-crowned NXT Champion Karrion Kross, along with Scarlett, begins the last NXT before the Great American Bash with some... complaints. NXT, for some reason, has been left out of this grand wrestling gesture to the fans - not that he cares what they think (cheap heat!). NXT has been left out of this show, out of last year's Survivor Series, and the Raw/Smackdown brand draft. All NXT got was a few WWE leftovers after WrestleMania and the theft of some of their homegrown talent being "promoted" to Raw and Smackdown. Plus, the most recent cast off, the man he beat for this very title, Finn Balor - he hasn't been seen since Kross beat him weeks ago. Because NXT will get the respect it deserves, he calls out Ring of Honor Champion Brody King and he wants to see him in the Capital Wrestling Center: right. now. Kross and Scarlett stare at the entryway when from behind MLW Champion Jacob Fatu and his Contra Unit group rush the ring and attack the NXT Champion. Thankfully King makes the save and helps fight off Contra Unit, only for Kross to turn on him immedietly like the snake he is. A three-way dance is set for the main event: Brody King vs Jacob Fatu vs Karrion Kross. It ends quickly when Contra Unit again swarms the ring. Ring of Honor's PCO and the Briscoes try to make a save, but it's a mess. No contest. Security escorts all MLW and ROH superstars out of the CWC. Maybe next year, right?

Your winner: n/a

Great American Bash Score: MLW 0, NXT 0, ROH 0

Men's Battle Royal (on AEW Dynamite on TNT)

Fanboy Fantasy: AEW Dynamite hosts a men's battle royal while airing at the same time as NXT's NXT/MLW/ROH battle - maybe that's a factor in NXT being excluded? Shrug emoji? Basically every man not taken up in a "challenge" match is in this match and it's done under AEW's Casino Battle Royale rules - every three minutes, eight wrestlers are sent into the ring. It's a giant hour-long mess with admittedly quick eliminations. Smackdown's Cesaro is set-up up quickly as the iron man of the match, coming in with the first group (along with Smackdown's Dolph Ziggler, Raw's Dominik Dijakovic and Drew Gulak, Impact's Brian Myers and Ace Austin, and AEW's Darius Martin (formerly Mondo Lucha's Air Wolf!) and Christopher Daniels). Cesaro and Daniels go the distance and work their way through everyone until a final four including both of them, Raw's new 2021 Money-in-the-Bank holder Andrade (though Miz still has his current 2020 briefcase from last year as well), and Impact's former champion Rich Swann. Cesaro eliminates Andrade while Swann surprises Daniels with an elimination before Cesaro takes care of Swann. Cesaro wins the match and brings the first "point" to WWE, quickly scaring the internet into assuming WWE is going to run right through everyone else. But also, good things for Cesaro? Please, I want good things for Cesaro.

Your winner: Cesaro

Great American Bash Score: AEW 0, Impact 0, WWE 1

Women's Battle Royal (on WWE Smackdown on FOX)

Fanboy Fantasy: Two nights later, WWE Smackdown holds a woman's battle royal, though this time under WWE's Royal Rumble rules with one woman out every thirty seconds (to speed it up a bit but still easily takes the second half of the show). Your iron woman of the night is AEW's Serena Deeb who recently lost her the NWA Worlds Women's title back to Thunder Rosa. Your final four include Deeb, current NWA Worlds Womens champion Thunder Rosa who's been wrestling on AEW Dark, Smackdown's Rhea Ripley (spoilers for the call-ups Karrion Kross made reference to?), and Raw's Shayna Baszler. These four have all of the tension, as Ripley also ended Baszler's nearly one-and-a-half year run with the NXT Women's title. The ending isn't as clean as the men's battle royal - Baszler and Ripley eliminate eachother and need to be separated by FOX referees once they're on the outside, and Deeb/Rosa go a solid 10 minutes on the top television show of a promotion that neither belong to. With both on the apron, Rosa is able to finally knock Deeb out of the ring, bringing the next "point" to AEW. Thunder Rosa celebrates in the middle of the ring with her NWA Worlds Women's title, its image blurred by FOX, as the credits roll.

Your winner: Thunder Rosa

Great American Bash Score: AEW 1, Impact 0, WWE 1

WWE/AEW/Impact Great American Bash 2021

World Women's Champions 8-Woman Tag-Team Challenge: Asuka (WWE Raw ©), Bianca Belair (WWE Smackdown ©), Liv Morgan & Ruby Riott (WWE Tag Team ©) vs Deonna Purrazzo (Impact ©), Taya Valkyrie (AEW ©), Jazz & Jordynne Grace (Impact Tag Team ©)

Fanboy Fantasy: Since Impact Wrestling controls all of the non-WWE women's titles, it's quickly agreed on an 8-woman tag-team match. Readers may remember that Zelina Vega walked out of Quixo-WWE WrestleMania 37 with the WWE Smackdown Women's title, but since then she lost the title back to former-champion Bianca Belair (we'll call it unfortunate correction as she was recently terminated, stupidly, by WWE). Both teams work like well-oiled machines with refreshingly no friction between any of the champions - it's just a solid 15-minute multi-person tag-team match. Jazz and Grace are able to take down Ruby Riott before Valkyrie tags herself in to steal the pin for Team Impact. On Commentary (an unruly four-man booth of Smackdown's Michael Cole, AEW's Tazz, Raw's Samoa Joe, and Impact's Madison Rayne), Tazz quickly argues that as AEW Women's champion that AEW should receive a point as well. Narrator: it does not.

Your winner: Taya Valkyrie (w/ Deonna Purrazzo, Jazz, & Jordynne Grace)

Great American Bash Score: AEW 1, Impact 1, WWE 1

RAW-picked Challenge: Bobby Lashley (WWE Raw) vs Ken Shamrock (Impact)

Fanboy Fantasy: In our first "challenge" match, Bobby Lashley easily won the honor on Raw and Hurt Business manager MVP put it simply: Lashley defeated one MMA legend in Brock Lensar at Quixo-WWE WrestleMania 37 and before The All-Mighty Bobby Lashley complete his destiny in becoming WWE World Champion, he wants another MMA legend: Impact's Ken Shamrock. Over on Impact, Shamrock quickly agreed and tries to make it a cage match, though the request is denied. Shamrock enters flanked by his ally Sami Callihan while Lashley has the entire Hurt Business. Benjamin, Alexander, and MVP surround Callihan the whole time allowing no interference. Lashley and Shamrock start slow and work a very submission-heavy match. Honestly it's a little boring? After several rest spots, Lashley comes out of no-where with the Full Nelson, locking it in for three long minutes. Shamrock, refusing to tap, passes out and the referee calls the match for Lashley. MPV allows Callihan to slide in and check on Shamrock after the match, but when Callihan tries to attack Lashley mid-pose, Benjamin and Alexander swoop in and take care of business. Business is a-boomin'. WWE takes the lead.

Your winner: Bobby Lashley

Great American Bash Score: AEW 1, Impact 1, WWE 2

Impact-picked Challenge: FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood of AEW) vs Hurt Business (Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin of WWE Raw) vs Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin of Impact) vs Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford of WWE Smackdown)

Fanboy Fantasy: After Shamrock and Callihan are helped out of the ring, Lashley joins MVP on the outside as Alexander and Benjamin get ready for their challenge match - a tag team special hand-picked by Impact's Motor City Machine Guns who have been on the front-line of the new Bullet Club's invasion of Impact Wrestling. This match goes not nearly as long as one may want, though Hurt Business, Motor City, and Street Profits all bring the flips that FTR actively works against. Unfortunately for the Machine Guns and the Street Profits, the match is very quickly about the othjer two teams while they spend too long on the outside out of the spotlight. Though MVP and Lashley are able to corner FTR's manager Tully Blanchard for most of the match, Tully is still sneaky enough to distract Shelton Benjamin to fall into FTR's Big Rig (formerly the Shatter Machine in WWE and Goodnight Express in AEW, renamed in honor of Brodie Lee/Luke Harper) for the win. FTR shake the hands of both the Street Profits and Motor City Machine Guns, but stare a hole into MVP and his business before offering their hands. After a tense moment the handshakes are accepted, MVP hillariously scares Tully enough to run out of the arena. AEW ties up with WWE.

Your winner: FTR

Great American Bash Score: AEW 2, Impact 1, WWE 2

AEW-picked Challenge: Chad Gable, Daniel Bryan, & Kevin Owens (WWE Smackdown) vs Death Triangle (PAC, Pentagon Jr, & Rey Fenix, AEW)

Fanboy Fantasy: PAC won the right to choose a challenge on AEW Dynamite, and along with his Death Triangle compatriots very quickly chose Daniel Bryan. Bryan can bring whomever he wants to face him and Death Triangle, but he wants the American Dragon. Bryan, who has been working part-time since before Quixo-WWE WrestleMania 37 and has been primarily coaching his son*** Chad Gable. The two tap Kevin Owens as their third and we're off to the races. Bryan and PAC start the match and spend the first 10 minutes with eachother refusing tags from their partners. Finally Pentagon Jr forceably tags himself in and the match evens out with all particpants taking part. Every time Bryan tags in, PAC forces himself into the match until Pentagon decides to just ignore him. The Lucha Brothers spend the rest of the match facing the other three until Pentagon Jr is able to hit the Pentagon Driver on Bryan for the win. PAC leaps at Pentagon immedietly for stealing his pin but Fenix is able to calm him down. Later on the next Dynamite, Pentagon explains that PAC had fear of Daniel Bryan. The Lucha Brothers operate under Zero Fear. Now that Bryan is out of the way, PAC also has Zero Fear. Death Triangle is all equal. PAC agrees. For now. AEW picks up its third win.

Your winner: Pentagon Jr (w/ PAC, Rey Fenix)

Great American Bash Score: AEW 3, Impact 1, WWE 2


Men's Tag Team Champions 8-Man Tag-Team Challenge: Bullet Club (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson, Impact ©, Matt & Nick Jackson, AEW ©) vs New Day (Kofi Kington & Xavier Woods, WWE Raw ©) & The Family (Jey & Jimmy Uso, WWE Smackdown ©)

Fanboy Fantasy: The second champions match is another 8-man tag team match as the Bullet Club obviously isn't going to fight each other, so this forces rivals the New Day and the Usos to team together. As you may remember from our trip to Quixo-WWE WrestleMania 37, these two have some history, even in our Quixo-WWE universe. Bullet Club comes out first all together, followed by the Usos flanked by Don Roman, followed by all three members of the New Day. Roman excuses himself to the back while staring daggers into Big E, but E stays to cheer on his boys. Matt Jackson and Xavier Woods start the match, finally giving us New Day/Young Bucks even if Big E and Kenny Omega aren't actually in the match. Jackson appears to be having fun with Woods for the first minute or two until his mood changes and he hits a quick superkick and tags in the big Doc Gallows. The match goes downhill from there for WWE as the Bullet Club works cohesively and New Day/Usos struggle to work together. Big E tries to pep talk both teams and things start looking up for for a few minutes until commentator Samoa Joe mentions there's some commotion on the side of the ring - Big E is attacked by former NXT Champion Finn Balor! Balor, in full gear, rams Big E into the stairs, points his dick at him, hits him with a slingblade, and then hops onto the Bullet Club's corner. Balor tags in but the referee tries to stop it. While they argue, Kofi hits Balor from behind and tells the ref that Big E is in the match too so make the damn tag legal. The ref gives up and allows it as Big E climbs up to the WWE corner. As soon as he gives the go-ahead, Kofi tags E in and Big E goes right for Balor, but Balor slides to his corner and tags Nick Jackson in. Big E wrecks Jackson quickly and literally throws him back at Bullet Club and demands Balor back. Doc Gallows steps back in and evens the match out. As Big E tries to power through Gallows, the Young Bucks and Balor rush the other end and take out both the Usos and New Day causing a big brawl that the ref can only ignore. That leaves Gallows and Anderson with time to hit Big E with the Magic Killer - and he kicks out. That was not the plan. This allows New Day & Usos to rally and beat back the Bucks and Balor. And now we hit the portion when the clusterfuck moves into the ring and tags fly all willy nilly. Usos hit the Samoan Drop/Diving Splash on Anderson, kick out. The Bucks hit a Superkick Party and Meltzer Driver on Jimmy Uso, saved by Woods. New Day hit Up Up Down Down on Matt Jackson, saved by Balor. Balor hits the 1916 on Big E, kick out on his own. Big hits the Big Ending on Balor, kick out on his own. Finally the Good Brothers catch Woods in another Magic Killer for the pin. As the Bullet Club celebrate, Samoa Joe slides in the ring with a microphone and confronts Balor - why has he joined AEW and Impact Wrestling? Why has he betrayed WWE? Joe and Balor won the first Dusty Rhodes Classic - why, Balor, why? But Samoa Joe knows, as does everyone else. The Bullet Club is back, and the Prince is back with the group that he started. The Prince goes where he wants, when he wants. His brothers know it, and now we know it. They all too-sweet eachother, and then beat the crap out of Samoa Joe before the New Day can make the save. As the Good Brothers are contacted by Impact, they get the point.

Your winner: The Good Brothers (w/ the Young Bucks & Finn Balor)

Great American Bash Score: AEW 3, Impact 2, WWE 2

Smackdown-picked Challenge: Jon Moxley (AEW) vs Seth Rollins (WWE Smackdown)

Fanboy Fantasy: Seth Rollins has been working for Roman Reigns as his foreign hitman since before Quixo-WrestleMania 37 but is still a delusional cult leader with no cult. Roman (clearly to the viewers) keeps Rollins at arms length while the rest of The Family is comprised of Samoans. While it’s not exactly a new match by any stretch of the imagination, Rollins earns a pick and challenges AEW’s Dean Ambrose (during his on-air challenge, Paul Heyman whispers that his name is Jon Moxley now but Rollins grins and ignores him). For Rollins, he and Roman are best friends again, but Ambrose left. Rollins, as the Family’s hitman, will remind Ambrose why he should come home and be who he truly is. Over on Dynamite, Moxley accepts - but not for the reasons Rollins thinks. Rollins wants to remind him who he is? Baby, Mox has been who he truly is for two blood-filled years now and he can never be “Dean Ambrose” again. And while he’s finally free, he still sees Rollins and Reigns as his brothers. Seth has it backwards though - it’s Rollins that has become a shell of himself. A character. A cult leader? Because an demonic children’s host beat you up? But you’re also a hitman? No more - he’ll bring the Architect back, kicking and screaming and bleeding and dying if needed. Brothers fight together and die together. Moxley counter-challenges for a hardcore match, which Rollins doesn’t actually accept though a contract comes in pre-match with his “signature“ on it. Moxley goes to absolute town on Rollins - every time Rollins gains a minute of offense, Moxley gets five minutes more. As the two very quickly fight to the back and throughout the ThunderDome backstage areas, it can be overheard that Rollins is still calling Mox “Dean” to the point where Moxley starts jokingly calling Rollins “Tyler” (Rollins worked as "Tyler Black" in Ring of Honor). The finale sees the two fight their way into The Family’s dressing room - the Bloodline get ready to attack but Don Roman tells them to stand down and leave. Moxley starts beating on Rollins while staring down Roman who remains calmly seated. While punching him over and over and over, Rollins finally asks Roman to help him - but Don Roman again remains calmly seated. Moxley, now frustrated over Roman doing nothing, hits the Paradigm Shift and pins Rollins for the win. While Rollins can be heard softly crying off screen, Moxley turns back to Roman. “This isn’t you, Roman. I don’t know what all of this is, but it’s not you. I like your focus, but you need to stop. That man right there? He’s not your lackey, your ’hitman.’ That is your brother. My brother. And he needed help, just like when you did. Just like when I did. Fix it.” Don Roman finally stands up and smiles. “It was nice to see you again, Dean. Congrats on your win.” Roman extends a very half-hearted fist before quickly thinking better of it, and walks out. Moxley wipes Rollins blood off his fist.

Your winner: Jon Moxley